Lafayette shooting: Another ‘gun-free zone’ failure

A shooting at a Louisiana theater will spark more calls for gun control.
A shooting at a Louisiana theater will spark more calls for gun control.

Shortly after Thursday night’s shooting at the Grand 16 cinema in Lafayette, La., it was revealed that the theater has a no-guns policy, making it off-limits even to legally-licensed citizens to carry defensive sidearms, but that didn’t stop a man identified by authorities as John Russell Houser from carrying a gun inside and opening fire.

Two innocent people were killed before Houser reportedly took his own life. He’s been described as a “drifter” and published reports indicate he had past criminal and mental problems.

As the story unfolds, anti-gunners are already getting into the act. Piers Morgan has already criticized Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal for having “blood on his hands” because he is a pro-Second Amendment public official. Jindal has appeared at some events sponsored by the National Rifle Association.

According to published reports, Houser was denied a carry permit in 2006 following an arrest for arson, and two years later he was treated for mental problems. CNN is reporting that he was evicted in 2014.

Now Second Amendment activists are bracing for an onslaught of exploitation to push a gun control agenda. However, they’re responding on social media already, noting the shooting happened in a “gun-free zone” that didn’t stop a killer from being armed, it only stopped his victims.

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