Karma Finds Flag Burning, Idiot, DNC Protester (Video)

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Flag Burning: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flag_desecration

This is something straight out of the Darwin Awards. I don’t know what this intellectually challenged DNC protester was thinking, but he certainly never expect karma to catch up with him as he danced on a burning American flag.

Sean Hannity reported this clown’s antics.

Some might call it poetic justice.

While DNC members were busy bashing Donald Trump inside the Wells Fargo Arena on Wednesday night, left-wing agitators were busy doing what left-wig agitators do best: engage in anti-American activity.

One of the highlights of the evening was a flag-burning that didn’t turn out exactly as expected. As the flag burned on the ground, one agitator decided that he’d stomp on the flag to further desecrate it. The outcome of doing so should have been obvious to anyone with an IQ higher then their shoe size.

Watch the video!
Try not to choke on your coffee as you watch this one. WARNING: STRONG LANGUAGE – NSFW


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