Judge Threatens to Yank IRS Chief into Court and Cite Him for Contempt


Judge Emmet Sullivan has had enough.  John Koskinen, whom Obama appointed as Obstructor in Chief of the IRS in order to shield the caliphate’s part in the IRS scandal has finally worn through the judge’as patience and is now facing possible jail time for contempt of court.  He wasn’t through there yet.  He told the DOJ lawyers that they face the same punishment in a scathing statement from the bench.  He is the second judge in a week to announce they are inclined to jail Obama caliphate officials in order to show them they are not above the law.

Judge Sullivan gave the DOJ lawyers and the IRS specific instructions on releasing Lois Lerner emails.  They are to release a minimum amount of those emails to Judicial Watch every Monday.  After his ruling, the DOJ offered Judicial Watch an alternative plan.  Judicial Watch agreed but only if the DOJ ran that plan by the judge first.  They did not do that and now the judge is fuming.  He is also upset because another part of his order required the IRS to keep him up to date on new developments.

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