Juan Williams blames Trump, sexism for Hillary’s collapse — Video

Juan Williams
Juan Williams — Screengrab: YouTube

While appearing on Tuesday’s edition of  “The Five” on Fox News, liberal commentator Juan Williams seemed to blame GOP nominee Donald Trump and sexism for Hillary Clinton’s collapse on 9/11, BizPac Review said.

“There’s a lot of gossip among people today who say, you know, she doesn’t like to drink water,” Williams said.

“One of the arguments is that Trump really got under her skin when he made this comment about ‘oh I know where she was in that debate where she went to the bathroom and it’s disgusting,’” he added.

Williams, however, wasn’t finished.

“She’s a 68-year-old woman,” he said of Clinton. “Going to the bathroom, all of a sudden now, becomes a big deal and evidence of weakness in a very sexist world with the first woman candidate. And I think that, you know what, maybe she’s a little embarrassed.”

Got that?  It’s not because Hillary is ill, or suffered from another one of her reported fainting spells.  It’s because of Donald Trump and of course, your sexism.

Here’s video of the segment:


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