John Kasich and Donald Trump ditch debate with Ted Cruz, Fox cancels

empty stageOn Wednesday, Fox News announced that it had canceled a scheduled GOP debate after media mogul Donald Trump and the George Soros-funded John Kasich decided they had better things to do than discuss the future of the nation.

Trump had already said he would skip the debate to give a speech at AIPAC in Washington, D.C., Twitchy noted.  Kasich, apparently too scared to face off against Cruz alone, said he wouldn’t show unless Trump was there.  Maybe Kasich felt he needed some cover in case Cruz began making some salient points — like pointing out the fact that Kasich can’t possibly get the delegates he needs to win and is being funded to the tune of $700,000 by Soros and his surrogates.

Twitchy said Cruz got a bit of advise:

This tweet was my personal favorite:

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You may recall that during the 2012 GOP convention, Clint Eastwood addressed an empty chair that represented Barack Obama.  The move was instantly smeared as racist by the left.


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