German citizens express fear, panic over migrants: ‘This is our future’ – Video

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germany-futureA YouTube video posted Friday appears to show Islamists marching through what said was the German city of Hannover.  At least two German girls watched the procession, and expressed their fears, with one saying: “This is our future.”

A post at the Gateway Pundit said the march was part of the Ashura holiday, something our own T.K. Whiteman said prompted the State Department to issue travel alerts over concerns of violence.

The YouTube description says:

As you can see, the scenery is clearly racist and problematic. You can see at least 9 Europeans there.  This hate must end. We must all work together to make Germany a hate-free, multicultural country free of Germans.

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Wait, what? Make Germany a country free of Germans?  And who would replace them?  The YouTube poster didn’t elaborate, but one can easily speculate…

Here’s the video:

Breitbart provided a transcript:

“I thought I was the only one who’s in a bad mood because of this.”

“None of us want this. We’re all scared.”

“What is this? How will this be in 100 years?”

“This is not my life. It just shows you how many of them are here already.”

“Now there’s another 1.5 million who came this year.”

“Every year 2-3 million arrive.”

“It’s generally about foreign infiltration.”

“Yes, exactly.”

“We won’t dress like we do now.”

“Here, no! They won’t take anything from me!”

“Look, when I walk through the streets of the city, it’s only foreigners!”

“There are walking 50 foreigners and I only see one European face.”

“Look at the women! They’re all veiled!”

“This is our future.”

“Merkel says we’ll make it!”

“Yes we’ll make it! We’ll make it to our collective doom!”

“No, we won’t make it.”

“Congratulations Germans. You’ve just been culturally enriched,” one person said at YouTube.


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