Jeffrey Zients picked to fix Obamacare website is No stranger to Scandal

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The Obamacare website is a mess thanks to a company involved in crony capitalism with the Obama administration.  Now they have selected someone to fix the problem.  Jeffrey Zients.  In case that name looks familiar, he is a central figure in the IRS scandal.  I guess this is his reward for hiding out in South Africa to avoid testifying for Darrell Issa.

Jeffrey Zients, who is now the go to guy on fixing the Obamacare website as an employee of Quality Software Services Inc., which is owned by United Health, the nation’s 5th largest insurance company.  Mr Obama knows Zients well.  Zients took over for Jack Lew in the Office of Budget and Management, but abruptly resigned and took an extended vacation in South Africa, after it became known Darrell Issa and his panel wanted to talk to him.

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