Is Sarah Palin Trump’s Choice for VP?

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150127140739-palin-trump-reality-tv-exlarge-169If you have been paying attention, there seems to something going on between Donald Trump and Sarah Palin.  The first clue was during an interview with Donald Trump on the Palin Update, that he would love to have Sarah Palin in his administration.

Since then the two have had a mutual admiration society going on.  Palin is constantly coming to the defense of Donald Trump and repeats his talking points almost word for word.  Just this past week, she took Jeb Bush to task for campaigning in Spanish.

After Trump’s less than impressive interview with Hugh Hewitt, where Trump was unable to name the leaders of various terror groups, Palin, in an interview with CNN said:

“I’d rather have a president who is tough and puts America first than can win a game of Trivial Pursuit.”

In that statement she hit the nail on the head of what is driving the Trump campaign.  He puts Americans first.

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Quite frankly, Americans are tired of being second and third class citizens in their own country. (Third class if you include the category of illegal alien transgenders who march for Black Lives Matter)  He even appeals to blacks and legal Hispanics who have seen Obama bring in hundreds of thousands of illegals to take the jobs they would love to have.

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