Poll: ‘Likely’ voters suspect Biden consulted about son’s business deals

A Rasmussen survey finds a majority of likely voters thinking Joe Biden has probably had some involvement in his son’s international business activities.

A recent Rasmussen Reports survey found 54 percent of likely U.S. voters “believe it’s likely that (former Vice President Joe) Biden was consulted about and perhaps profited from Hunter’s overseas business deals including at least one involving a company in mainland China.”

Importantly, 44 percent think it is “very likely” the would-be Democrat president had some involvement with his son’s business dealings, while 38 percent think it is unlikely Biden was involved.

The survey results were released prior to the bombshell Fox News interview with a man identified as Tony Bobulinski, described as a former business associate of Hunter Biden. During that nearly hour-long interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tuesday, Bobulnski alleged he met with the Bidens at their request in 2017, when the elder Biden would have been a private citizen and no longer vice president under former President Barack Obama.

The interview was broadcast one week prior to the Nov. 3 national elections, which appear to still be up in the air in several states. It also came on the same day Biden introduced himself to a crowd in Atlanta, Ga., as Sen. Kamala Harris’ “running mate.”

Many conservatives, especially those in the firearms community, are wary of the Biden-Harris team. Both are vehemently anti-gun, and their scheme to end so-called “gun violence” reads like a gun prohibitionist’s wish list.

Biden has been traveling to several swing states as the last leg of the campaign winds down toward Nov. 3. He has avoided questions about his son’s business dealings, and the campaign has denied he’s had any involvement with Hunter’s business activities.

In the middle of this, one of the strangest editorial endorsements ever published came from the Spokane, Washington Spokesman-Review, in which the publisher encouraged voters to cast their ballots for President Donald Trump. The endorsement rejects Biden as “a doddering, doting uncle who would hand out gifts the nation can’t afford in order to win people’s love.”

“Donald Trump is a bully and a bigot,” the editorial endorsement declares. “He is symptomatic of a widening partisan divide in the country. We recommend voting for him anyway because the policies that Joe Biden and his progressive supporters would impose on the nation would be worse.”

Still, the newspaper editorial acknowledged, “Indeed, in many ways (the economy) flourished until the pandemic upended everything…The economy and markets roared under Trump’s championship of market-based solutions and individualism.”

But here’s where the charge of bigotry takes a hike: “Unemployment among communities of color reached record lows…He provided historically high support for traditionally Black colleges.” That’s hardly consistent with a pattern of bigotry.

Among Second Amendment activists, Trump has been by far a better choice than Hillary Rodham Clinton would have been. Trump has kept one of his most important 2016 campaign pledges, to bring balance back to the federal court system. He has filled three Supreme Court vacancies with constitutional/conservative justices, and appointed nearly 300 conservative judges to the lower federal courts.

As Alan Gottlieb with the Second Amendment Foundation noted earlier this week following confirmation of the newest Associate Justice, Amy Coney Barrett, “We have truly witnessed history in the making, and we are confident her confirmation cements President Donald Trump’s fulfillment of his campaign pledge four years ago to bring balance to the federal courts.”

“The confirmation of Judge Barrett will help make the Second Amendment great again,” Gottlieb stated.

With polling gradually creeping back toward a Trump re-election, the “gun vote” could be pivotal. The nation’s gun owners will likely consider that as they vote.


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