Hillary Says She Can’t Promise No More Scandals

Alfred E HillaryHillary Clinton told Chuck Todd of NBC’s Meet the Press that she can’t promise new scandalous revelations could be coming from the investigation into her emails.  Finally, honesty.

Well, not really.  It was, however, a preemptive denial.  She now claims she had absolutely no hand in deciding which emails were work related and which ones were private.  This comes on the heels of the discovery of 925 emails that were work related not turned in by Hillary.

This could prove most interesting since Hillary swore under oath that she turned in all of her work related emails as ordered by Federal Judge Emmet Sullivan.  The declaration was made under the threat of perjury.  Judge Sullivan has already lost patience with the State Department for slow walking the release of Hillary’s emails.  It will be interesting to see if Judge Sullivan follows through with his perjury threats or whether he accepts Hillary’s explanation that she had nothing to do with sorting the emails.

Actually, it brings up a question no member of the press is writing about.  Forget the legality of Hillary’s private server.  Just for the sake of argument, let’s pretend everything she has said is true.  (I know, it’s a real stretch)

Hillary claims the Secret Service provided security for her server.  Even if true, they only protected the physical server and not cyber security to prevent hacking.

President Hillary today admitted that Chinese hackers made their way into her private nuke button and launched 36 ballistic nuclear missiles towards Russia.  But she refuses to take responsibility and blames it on the 40 Navy Seals protecting the box the button is kept  in.  She understands that it led to Russia wiping New York, LA, Boston, Chicago, Detroit (Oh, wait.  Detroit wasn’t hit by a nuclear device.  It looked that 4 months ago), Houston and Dallas off the face of the map.  As she said, “At this point, what difference does it make.”

Hillary says that her private White House server was safer than the government’s server and thus less likely to be hacked.  When pressed for the name of her server company, Clinton replied that she couldn’t remember .  Heck, she can’t even remember what she had for breakfast last Tuesday.

The phone rings and Huma Abedin tells her she has a message from Chinese President Xi Jinping.  “He says it was flapjacks.”

Or the moment Hillary finds out the general swap she made with Iran may not have been a really good one.

“My lawyers handled that trade, so you can’t blame me for trading Iran generals, Mohamed, Mohammed, and Mohammad for General Motors, General Mills and General Dynamics”

More scandals will be coming soon, but just remember, Hillary had nothing to do with it.


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