Ironically Delicious: New York Times Hit By Massive Discrimination Suit

NYTThe New York Times loves to point the finger of racism at everything including peanut butter and jelly.  Today the finger is pointing at them and it doesn’t require three psychologists, four spinners and an aversion to the truth to see it.

Our story begins in 2013, when  Meredith Kopit Levien became the executive vice president for advertising.  She held off-site meetings with all the vice presidents in order to hide what she was planning in all likelihood.  At the two meetings, Levien made it clear she was going to do some new evaluations of employees, using a different set of criteria.

That criteria could form the basis of a rather large and rather costly lawsuit.  During the evaluations, Levien tried to ascertain the employees ages, marital status and information about their family.

At this point, red flags should have been flying at breakneck speed.  To make matters worse, the thirty people being reevaluated, almost everyone of them, was over 40 and minorities.  They were replaced by almost all whites under the age of 40.  That is called age and race discrimination.

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