The Insanity of the Obama Administration

From the top to the bottom the entire Obama Administration is completely out of touch with reality.  In a speech Tuesday at the National Press Club Eric Holder stated that “We are not at a time of war.”

Wow that one was a reach.  All of those airstrikes were ….what? And the President just asked Congress for authorization to start a picnic with ISIS with  fried chicken and corn on the cob?

obama administration


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Speaking of corn

State Department Spokesperson Marie Harf said the other day that we should combat ISIS with jobs and economic growth. Today she says those of us who criticized her were dumb…ok… she said her arguments were too “nuanced”  for some to understand. That means we’re too dumb to comprehend what she said. She stood by her remarks  and called it a “comprehensive” approach to combating extremism.  Sorry, Marie, you still sound like a dipstick.

Then there’s the picture of State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki holding a sign that said #StopBeheadingPeople. Kind of reminds me of that Michelle Obama sign “#BringBackOurGirls.”

That was so effective they sold the children to jihadists.

state dept spokes

Biden attacked Christians at the Combating Violent Extremism summit, falling squarely into the hands of what Muslims wanted. They were so excited at his “commit crimes in the name of the Bible” that they almost fell out of their chairs.


Out of touch…really out

Obama stated in an address to the Combating Violent Extremists Summit on Wednesday that we are “not at war with Islam,” and echoed the speech that Marie Harf gave about the “comprehensive” method of combating ISIS. At least now we know where she got the thought. It’s still deluded. Or dilaudid that could be it too.

Obama criticized Egypt and the UAE for their airstrikes in Libya- why would he do that? Being a Muslim he should know about the right of revenge.

Remember Benghazi? The Obama administration treated the”Moderate Syrian Rebels” to the arms that gave rise to ISIS. A joke floating around the Internet says it best:

“Thank you for completing the Moderate Syrian Rebel Application Form. We will process your application in the next one to two business days. Please indicate a current mailing address where you would like your weapons to be sent. If there is no one to sign for them we will leave them outside the front door.”

Then there’s the fact that Obama hates Egypt because they ousted the Muslim Brotherhood.  Oh and don’t forget the men who were beheaded were “Egyptian civilians” not Christians, because heaven forbid they should be identified by name because you know Christians are evil and violent.

Then there’s the “existential threat” thing and ISIS is mostly “media hype.” Well, for “media hype,” they’ve been pretty effective at killing people.

He has also repeatedly turned down the countries who ARE fighting ISIS when they’ve asked for weapons- the Kurds, Jordan, and now Egypt. One can only conclude that he is either insane, or is secretly cheering on the Islamic State.

Up is down, down is up, deception and lies are the norm

Good is now evil, and evil is now good, and complete idiocy is not just tolerated, it is desired. Liberalism, Communism, and Cultural Marxism have made our leaders and their minions completely insane. But then that may be too “nuanced” for them to understand.



Faye Higbee

Faye Higbee is the columnist manager for Uncle Sam's Misguided Children. She has been writing at Conservative Firing Line since 2013 as well. She is also a published author.

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