House Members File to Remove Boehner as Speaker

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Barack_Obama_and_John_Boehner_enjoying_Saint_Patrick's_Day_2014Mark Meadows filed a motion on Tuesday that would remove John Boehner, conservative rating about 1%, as Speaker of the House.  The motion cites Speaker Boehner’s willingness to give into the liberals at every turn and how he uses his position to punish those who vote their conscience rather than with the Speaker.

Meadows should know.  He lost the chairmanship of a House subcommittee, after he voted against Boehner.  In the midst of public outcry, Boehner was forced to allow Jason Chaffetz, another villain in the matter, to reinstate Meadows.

Meadows is a Tea Party favorite and he is likely to win the support of most if not all of the other representatives who identify themselves as conservatives.  Rep Meadows filed a motion to vacate the chair which could trigger a no confidence vote against Boehner.

At best, it’s a steep upward struggle and ironically, the democrats hold the key to victory for Rep. Meadows.  The motion requires a simple majority vote and includes Democrats.

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