College Republicans kicked out of campus coffee shop because of pro-Trump hats — Video

On Saturday, Fox News Insider reported that members of the local College Republicans club were asked to leave an on-campus coffee shop because they were wearing “Make America Great Again” hats.  Apparently the term, “Make America Great Again,” actually stands for “Facism. Nazis.”

That interpretation by a student at Fordham University goes hand-in-hand with the coed’s insistence that wearing the hats in a student-run on-campus coffee shop violates the campus’s “safe space policy.”

But according to the university, Fordham has no safe space policy.

When Fox News Insider asked if the students had entered the coffee shop with the intention of provoking a confrontation, Aaron Spring, one of the students asked to leave replied: “No, of course not. We were just a couple friends going to get coffee, having a talk.”

Spring also noted that a sign above the entrance to the coffee shop reads “All are welcome.”

Campus Reform posted a video of the exchange between the hat wearers and those who believed they had grounds to eject them:

This is just the latest demonstration of liberal tolerance on a college campus where a Trump supporter dared to wear a MAGA hat. In November, charges were filed against a student at the University of California, Riverside who stole one such hat off the head of its owner.

In that case, the student who stole the hat actually claimed it represents genocide.

“You know what this represents? This represents genocide — genocide of a bunch of people. And look at what he’s wearing in front of a group of people,” she said.

Video of that incident can be seen here.

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Just think — someday these children will become America’s leaders…


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