Honolulu Cafe: If You Voted for Trump, You Can’t Eat Here

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How to kill your business: Hang a sign on your Honolulu Cafe door that tells Trump supporters they can’t eat at your establishment. And then call them Nazis. Brilliant.

“If you voted for Trump you cannot eat here! No Nazis”

Customers and potential customers of “Cafe 8 1/2” were none too happy about the sign at the Italian restaurant. The man who wrote it is Robert Warner, a former Vidal Sassoon hairstylist and former restaurant owner in Seattle. His wife Jali is his partner in the restaurant. She stated that he just wants to say that he doesn’t like Trump.

Grow up. Oh, wait. Other patrons have noted that while Jali is the quiet sort, he is a loud-mouthed, pan-throwing, customer-belittling jackwagon. It shows in the sign, actually.

Fox reported:

Willes Lee, former chairman of the Hawaii Republican Party and now president of National Federation of Republican Assemblies, told FoxNews.com the sign is discriminatory, and harkens back to “racist and hate-filled” days before statehood.

“Remember when Filipinos couldn’t go in certain places, or Japanese wouldn’t be allowed [in] many homes? And, it didn’t matter who they voted for.” 

Mr. Lee is of Japanese descent, so he should know.

Jali also mentioned that they didn’t want to make any trouble because there was “too much trouble in the world.” Well, lady, welcome to the firestorm that your husband created. You’ve got trouble.

Here’s a sampling of the YELP reviews, the average of which is 1 star:

Los Angeles, California :

Dear owners Jali & Robert,

With a 1 1/2 star rating, a few friends and family giving 4-5 stars and REAL clients reviewing your food, did you think it was the smartest thing to post such a hideous and discriminating sign? This is beyond hateful.

Do you recall any establishment or service refusing service if they voted BHO or BC? Do you recall any riots? Do you recall any discriminating acts?

So far, all you have done is further the divide between two groups who are already so divided. There is an old saying, if you are hot here to solve the problem…you are the problem.

We were planning on visiting as a friend had suggested to come to you. This sign you posted just helped me and my family of 8 to avoid the establishment. It’s time to come together not continue the divide.


Brookings, South Dakota:

Congrats!!! With your latest attempt to divide our country, you have not only hurt your own business, but the lives of your employees. Insanely selfish and childish to display such contempt and disregard for those whose livelihood is based on your business.

Wishing the best to your staff. As for you…hmm well.


Racine, Wisconsin:

Have been all over the world and have dined at  some of the finest restaurants on the planet, but I can assure you one thing:

I will not waste my time nor my money to go to your restaurant. You would be best served to focus on food and not on insulting millions who expressed their political choice in the voting booth.


El Paso, Texas:

Don’t bother coming to this restaurant. Just an establishment apparently rooted in hatred and intolerance in regard to the national election results. This is the type of attitude you would expect to see during the 50s and 60s during the Civil Rights movement, but apparently the owners of this establishment haven’t matured. If I were able to give the restaurant zero stars for this display of immaturity I would, however, one star will have to do.
Avoid this place and spend you hard earned cash elsewhere.


Pomona, New York:

Sign telling Trump voters not to eat here.
I wasn’t aware 8 1/2 referred to the owners brain cells.
     Stick to the “Blue Plate Special” instead of the Herbert Hoover “Blacklist Special”!
What’s next from you, GOOSE-STEP LIVER PÂTÉ?
Spend more time making food not

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