Historic Wins, Expected Losses in 2018 MidTerm Elections

The 2018 MidTerm elections did not produce a “blue wave.” It didn’t produce a “red wave” either. But it did show some positive results in several races. Republicans kept control of the Senate, even adding to their total (historically that rarely happens). The House was lost in what was an expected ouster of a few seats. Totals were 220 Dem to 195 GOP, but some seats did flip from blue to red.

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Tennessee Republican Marsha Blackburn won handily over her Democratic opponent, much to the chagrin of  people who listen to celebrities’ ignorant thoughts. Taylor Swift had “endorsed” former Democrat Governor Phil Bredesen in hopes that young voters would listen. They didn’t. They also didn’t listen to Beyonce’s endorsement of O’Rourke in Texas. Cruz still won.

Florida voted in Ron DeSantis as governor and former governor Rick Scott for the Senate race. Liberal Bill Nelson lost in Florida, but he is refusing to concede, stating they were “proceeding to a recount.”  “Progressive” (aka socialist) candidate Andrew Gillum lost as well.

Republicans picked up 3 new seats in the Senate, giving them at least 52 for control, according to tallies by Fox News. Missouri, Indiana, and Florida were gains for the Republicans.

The Arizona Senate Race between Martha McSally, a US veteran, was still too close to call at this writing, with McSally holding a slim lead over socialist Kirsten Sinema.

The Georgia Governor’s race with Democrat Stacey Abrams and GOP Brian Kemp  was called against Abrams, but she refused to concede. Governor Scott Walker also has refused to concede to Democrat Tony Evers, and wants to wait until military ballots are counted. That race was called at just over 1% for Evers.

Update: Walker finally conceded the race on Wednesday.

Ignorance is apparently bliss in some of these states, as in Nevada, a Republican candidate who died back in October was handily elected. Fortunately, he was a Republican, so one will be appointed in his place.

Then of course there were 38,597 people in Arizona who voted for the Green Party candidate who withdrew from the election a couple of weeks ago.

In New Jersey, voters re-elected Bob Menendez,  who just recently went through a federal corruption trial for accepting bribes. It was dropped after a mistrial. And one of his former jurors attended his victory party according to Fox News.

Keith Ellison and three others won re-election in spite of misconduct charges.

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Ignorance is definitely bliss.