Hillary Investigation Needs a Special Prosecutor Now

Before we found out that fired FBI Director James Comey put the fix in for Hillary Clinton, the most evil person ever nominated to the White House by a major party, many people were calling for a special prosecutor and now that we know what Comey did, it’s a certainty that many more will join the chorus.

When Comey went on national TV to absolve Hillary, it came as a shock because most Americans fully expected her to be indicted, considering the overwhelming evidence against her.  That includes many of the investigators who worked on the case.

After his exoneration of Hillary, resignation letters immediately started piling up on his desk, including some from his most trusted senior officials.  He became a pariah at work and some refused to even acknowledge him when he said hello.  Morale at the bureau was at an all time low and even his wife, Pat, urged him to reconsider his decision to let Hillary off the hook.

The resignation letters kept coming in and Comey ignored them, hoping that things would improve.  That’s why when it came out that State Department emails were sent to Carlos Danger, a.k.a., Anthony Weiner, Comey jumped at the chance to reopen the case.  Then Loretta Lynch voiced her displeasure and Obama was quoted as saying appointing Comey to head the FBI was his worst mistake (How can he pinpoint one considering all the bad decisions he made?)  Comey backed down and reclosed the case.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

 His announcement about the revived investigation, which came just 11 days before the presidential election, was greeted with shock and dismay by Attorney General Loretta Lynch and the prosecutors at the Justice Department.

‘Jim told me that Lynch and Obama are furious with him,’ the source said.

As I revealed in my latest New York Times bestseller Guilty As Sin Obama said that appointing Comey as FBI direct was ‘my worst mistake as president.’

‘Lynch and Obama haven’t contacted Jim directly,’ said the source, ‘but they’ve made it crystal clear through third parties that they disapprove of his effort to save face.’

Michael Godwin of the New York Post wrote an article in which he lays out the case for a special prosecutor.  Part of it reads:

The Clinton e-mail scandal, like Clinton herself, won’t go away. It remains a blot on the legacy of the Obama administration, the Justice Department and the FBI, and now comes fresh evidence that the investigation that cleared her was a total sham.

The revelation from the Senate Judiciary Committee that J. Edgar Comey drafted his statement exonerating her about two months before FBI agents interviewed Clinton or 16 other witnesses confirms suspicions that the probe was neither honest nor thorough. When the outcome is decided long before the investigation is over, the result can’t be trusted.

Imagine a baseball game where the final score is decided before the players take the field. What’s the point of playing the game, and why should spectators trust anyone involved?

The FBI’s Deep State has been ordered by a federal judge to release the documents produced during the investigation.  By virtue of the fact that they tried to hide it so hard, we have to assume there is something in there they don’t want anyone to see.  I’m expecting to hear any day now that somehow many or all of the documents have been lost.


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