Hillary Hands Over Her Server to Department of Injustice

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serverEither Hillary believes everything on her server is irretrievable or she thinks Loretta Lynch will have an easier time keeping it away from any investigators who might actually be able to discover the emails that were deleted.

I don’t believe for one minute she would turn it over if there was a ghost of a chance someone could find her emails.  She has basically run out of excuses and her trustworthy numbers are falling daily and she may believe by turning over her server, she can regain some of that and beat back the challenge from Bernie Sanders.

The head of the RNC said today that Hillary handed over her server because she was out of options but anyone who have watched the Clintons for the last 25 years know better. [Editor’s note: Try 40+ years.]

They don’t give up the ghost until their opponents have irrefutable proof of wrongdoing and sometimes not even then.  By this time, she has probably had the sharpest minds in corporate America try and fail to recover the emails and she feels safe.

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