Hillary exposed…maybe now she’ll kiss 2016 goodbye

hillary-clinton-benghazi-hearingWasn’t it nice that CBS finally decided to actually do some hard core, serious journalistic reporting for a change as this past Sunday, their flagship news show ’60 Minutes’ helped to expose the Obama regime’s cover-up of the deadly attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi. Running a report by Lara Logan about Ambassador Stevens having told the State Department that al-Qaeda was taking over buildings at the consulate hours BEFORE he was dragged from the compound brutalized, tortured, and then murdered, CBS did the right thing…albeit a year too late to stop the second usurping of the presidency…and took a big step away from the one they helped ‘anoint’ as the savior of us all.

Reporting that the State Department…as in Hillary ‘What difference does it make’ Clinton’s State Department…knew for quite some time that the Benghazi consulate was NOT as secure as it should have been, especially with the anniversary of 9/11 fast approaching, and with the al-Qaeda flag flying over numerous government buildings throughout Libya. The entire Obama administration was aware of all this…hell…Stevens himself told them that…and still they ignored his requests for additional security even having the knowledge that the few Benghazi consulate security officers that were present both on 9/11 and before were unarmed.

Also, the report did reiterate quite a few times that the State Department (but still NOT mentioning Hillary by name) knew the seriousness of the situation in real-time as it was unfolding…that they knew Stevens needed help…and that they did NOTHING nor recommend that anyone do anything to help…and rest assured that if the State Department knew Barack HUSSEIN Obama knew as well.

They all knew Benghazi was a terrorist attack from the get-go, and yet when the bodies of Ambassador Stevens, Information Officer Sean Smith, and ex-Navy SEALS Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty returned home, Hillary and Obama put on their best phony faces of heartache, stood in front of the coffins of those murdered and played to the cameras…and lied to the families of the fallen…lied to ‘We the People’…and lied to the world about a two-bit YouTube video (The Innocence of Muslims) being the cause of it all.

And when Hillary was called to testify before Congress she bold-faced lied to the committee investigating Benghazi…and guess what…lying to Congress is a felony and most felons go to jail…as should she and her then boss Barack HUSSEIN Obama…for murder.

“Was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk one night who decided they’d go kill some Americans? What difference at this point does it make?” croaked Hillary at the Congressional hearings when she knew full well that the 8-hour siege was an al-Qaeda planned, highly sophisticated and coordinated attack on the bare-bones protected Benghazi compound.

The British head of the Libyan guards, whistle blower Security Officer Morgan Jones, the man at the heart of the ’60 Minutes’ report…a man who was on the ground at Benghazi when the attack occurred…even said that the attackers told the few compound guards on duty that night that they were “here to kill Americans, not Libyans.”

And kill Americans they did…four brave men…four brave men who did NOT have to die if Hillary Clinton and Barack HUSSEIN Obama had heeding Ambassador Stevens’ calls for help in the days…in the weeks…leading up to the Benghazi attack.

But they could NOT heed Stevens’ pleas for help for then they risked having the truth about Benghazi being exposed…the truth that Hillary surely knew…the truth about Obama’s illegal guns and weapons smuggling to the Syrian rebels…the truth that Stevens found out and was going to expose…the truth that he had to be silenced for.

So while the ’60 Minutes’ report did NOT directly address the goings on at the White House during and after the attack per se…focusing instead on the actual night of the attack and its lead-up…much was implied about both Hillary and Obama’s cover-up, lies, and the truth that must be kept secret at all costs.

But now ’60 Minutes’ must follow-up on what they started and they must point fingers and name names…in other words hold NOTHING back if they are ever to regain a reputation as anything but another liberal media mouthpiece for Obama.

And this expose…even as limited in its scope as it was and again a year late in airing…must serve as the catalyst for Congress to demand more answers…many more answers…from both the White House and Hillary Clinton, because Benghazi is NOT going away…and that is something Barack HUSSEIN Obama and his minion in lies…Hillary Clinton…can count on as she kisses 2016 good-bye.


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