Hillary Is Broke And Has NO MONEY To Pay Poll Workers In Philly!

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Is Hillary out of money? The scuttlebutt is that Hillary will not be paying poll workers in Philly! A city in a crucial swing state! Kinda tough to run a good ground campaign if you can’t get your workers to the polls.

With polls tightening and we all know there isn’t a ground swell of enthusiasm for her, Hillary must be sweating bullets.


POSOBIEC: Hillary Clinton is in massive debt. Hillary Clinton is in massive debt. Now this is something that we’ve all been talking about for a little while now. … We saw that yesterday we saw that she stopped having her correct the record trolls go out throughout the internet. … All of the sudden the operation completely dried up and completely died on the vine and we’re trying to figure out why that happened. Number two: We noticed taht she has been doing all these fundraisers all over the place. … Everyone in the media says Hillary is raising money for media.

And then there is this: Shutting down an office in Chicago is HUGE!

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Hmmm, she must have spent all her money on those nasty, violence instigators at the Trump rallies. Too bad she doesn’t have a foundation from which to sponge from. Oh, what’s that you say? She does? Hmm, well, maybe she should take a self funding lesson from Trump.


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