High school bans flying flags from vehicles, reportedly threatens graduation rites

flags-schoolOn Monday, Truth Revolt reported that a Colorado high school issued a directive ordering students to stop flying all flags — including American flags — from their vehicles after one student drove to school with a Confederate battle flag flying from his truck.

According to NBC11, student Colt Chadfield was told to take the rebel banner down because it bothered some students.  The next day, he came to school with both the battle flag and the U.S. flag flying from his truck.

That was apparently too much for school authorities, who reportedly ordered him to take them both down or lose the right to receive his diploma at graduation.

“I don’t see how you can pull someone’s right to walk in graduation because they were being patriotic,” said another senior at Fruita Monument High School. “My buddy was kicked out for having [a flag] in his truck, and they threatened to expel Colt Chatfield for it, and they told all seniors that they would not walk [in graduation] if we continued to display flags in the school’s parking lot.”

“They said we can’t fly a Mexican flag, Confederate flag, American flag, any flag at all. I feel very disrespected that we cannot fly our country’s flag in our own country,” another student said.

But principal Todd McClaskey said it had nothing to do with the flags and contradicted claims that graduation rites were threatened.

“It wasn’t a matter of it being an American flag, or a Rebel flag, or a Confederate flag, it was the fact that administration was spending time in the parking lot policing flags, rather than being in the building focused on helping students focus on learning and graduation, which is why we said no flags in the parking lot,” he said.

Nevertheless, McClaskey lifted the ban after seeing how passionate students were about the issue.

Trey Sanchez added:

By the end of the week, the school parking lot was filled with students flying the flag from their vehicles. A local veteran was reported on school grounds lending his support:

“We’re all proud of this flag. Thousands of people have died for this flag. I think we should be behind the kids.”

NBC11’s video report can be seen below:

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