Groton, Massachusetts School Paints Over Student’s Pro-2nd Amendment Statement

groton, massachusetts

Andrew Wilson is an 18 year old senior at Groton-Dunstable Regional High School in Groton, Massachusetts. He contacted us last week to tell us that their school administration painted over the “spirit rock” that he and his friends created on April 2 showing a pro-2nd amendment stance.

 “…The administration painted over all of it by the morning less than 12 hours after it was up. I attached photos. The school claimed it was too political yet they had a school walk out on National walkout day which disrupted class. We came after school on our own time to paint a subtle message on the way into school.” Andrew Wilson

The message on the rock previously was for the “National Walk-out Day” that was supposed to be about honoring the Parkland students killed. That situation became a huge political statement. So Andrew and his friends at Groton-Dunstable decided to send a message  of their own.

Blue Lives Matter reported,

Wilson said that many people in his community hold very “liberal” beliefs, and that he and five other members of the senior class had been discussing the lack of objectivity they had observed with regard to gun control.

“We’re all more conservative,” he said of the group. “Right now the discussion about guns is really one-sided. The media isn’t covering the issue objectively, and they’re just pushing one agenda.”

“People are associating guns with people having bad ideas,” Wilson said. “There’s talk of repealing the Second Amendment – you can’t just go attack something like that.”

When one member of the group suggested painting the spirit rock to help convey a pro-Second Amendment message, the teens began to develop a plan.

At around 7:00 p.m. on April 2, the students gathered at the rock – which is painted over numerous times each year as part of ‘school spirit.’ When they arrived at school on Tuesday morning, the rock had been painted over – only the American flag was left.

The students met with the Assistant Principal Rick Arena over the situation.

“[Arena] said if we had written ‘protect the First Amendment,’ they probably would have done the same thing. He said they might have let it slide but the # nra kind of pushed it over the edge.” 

High School Principal Michael Woodlock told Blue Lives Matter that the rock was supposed to be about school spirit.

“The rock is supposed to be about school spirit. We respect our kids’ rights, but feel there are more appropriate places for politics.” Michael Woodlock

That would be true if National Walk Out day had not turned from “honoring the Parkland students” to a major anti-gun rally. That was pretty “political.”

Woodlock stated that none of the students who painted the rock would be punished.

All photos provided by Andrew Wilson

H/T Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children


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