Freedom is not Government Issued – Mason Weaver (videos)

masonweaver1clarencethomas“Freedom is not government issued. It belongs to you.” Mason Weaver

As a former black radical liberal, Mason Weaver knows what it’s like to live in hate. But his journey from darkness to light carries an inspiring message. We connected up with him yesterday to hear his amazing story.

The journey begins

Mason grew up in a solid Christian home. He was a high school dropout who joined the U.S. Navy. During his active duty, a white racist sailor deliberately dropped 2,800 pounds of steel on him, crushing his hip and leaving him disabled. Doctors gave him one week to live, but he defied those odds. But the sight of the hate in that man’s eyes haunted him.

The Navy discharged him.  After weeks of rehabilitation at the hospital, he was finally sent home.

Suddenly Mason was disabled with no education, no career, and at loose ends in his life. And thus began a journey that would lead him through the darkness of hatred and back to the light.

Dispel the fog of hate

The University of California at Berkeley was a hotbed of radical activity in the 70’s. Mason received an opportunity to attend the school, and quickly fell into the Black Student Union, a group that hung out with the radical Black Panthers.

“We were able to hate together. Being a liberal at Berkeley in the 70’s was ‘cool’… I hated everything and everyone white,  I wouldn’t even have a white dog…”

Living in hatred, however, began to take a toll on him, so he began to search for answers. It was after he began his search that he found God, and his views changed dramatically. He is now a Black Conservative, motivational speaker, radio show host, and as someone who has been on both sides of the issues, wisdom shines through to dispel the fog of hate.

Mason Weaver as radio show host

Don’t let them tell you who you are

Mason took his family to Stone Mountain (that so-called “racist monument” in Georgia) this summer. It was beautiful, pleasant, everyone was friendly…they enjoyed themselves. The monument wasn’t ‘racist,’ the people who ranted against it were.

“Don’t let them tell you who you are…Nothing offends me because I’m in charge of me…BlackLivesMatter is a scam and everyone knows it.” Mason Weaver at Stone Mountain

‘Nothing offends me because I am in charge of me’ is an important principle that keeps offenses in check.

“Separating us by our differences”

Mason calls himself “unique”… like all of us are unique. Because he doesn’t think like others, people have threatened both him and his wife, Brynda. He sees clearly that we are being separated by our differences rather than becoming the army of Americans that we should.

“What happened to you white folks…Why are you allowing people to disassemble your heritage, your culture?…Shout down these idiots who are calling you racist. We have created a culture that was the envy of the world… you are Americans… you- all of us together- are the greatest  people the world has ever known…”

Mr. Weaver understands that being separated by differences is causing us to react to people of any race with suspicion. Recently he drove to the Appalachians and was almost out of gas. He pulled into a gas station and there were a group of blacks hanging out at the pumps. He said even his stomach tightened up and he got out of there as quickly as he could. It’s a product of being separated by our differences.

The army we need to be to defeat the Jihadists

Systems that raise children to think it’s okay to kill are what we face with terrorists. Very young children are being taught by these jihadists to destroy human life any way they can. Such systems have been around throughout history, and defeating them requires strength and common purpose.

Mason believes everyone must stand together – black, white, asian…all who are true Americans must band together. His belief that ALL of us of every color are supposed to be free is evident.

Mason WEaver

He has written several books: It’s OK to Leave the Plantation, The Rope, Diamond in the Rough, and Polishing the Diamond in the Rough. 

Mason has created a YouTube channel called “American Privilege,” where he expounds his political views in numerous videos,and lets his “light” shine into the darkness of this age. Be sure to search for it with his name, Mason Weaver. His websites, ur2bfree, and the newundergroundrailroad have many of his messages. For more information, go to these websites:  www.MasonWeaver.com www.ClarenceAMason.com.

The purposes in life

He strongly believes one of his purposes in life is to help keep his wife Brynda alive, who was faced with two life-threatening medical conditions twice in 10 years. She is alive- and that is also a testimony to God’s grace and mercy in both her life and that of her husband.

As a writer, I see many other purposes in the life of this black Conservative. His voice needs to be heard instead of people threatening his life. Is he a “voice crying in the wilderness?” He believes that it’s not our job to find others, but that we just need to let our light shine to draw them to us. And he is correct.

“In your home at night, you turn off the light and the darkness comes in. But darkness does not come over the light…we just need to let our lights shine. If  someone can’t find the light it’s because we don’t have ours on…” Mason Weaver

Here at this platform, I have been privileged to meet several Black Conservatives, and have been blessed by them all. Whether they come from a difficult past or not, all of them have displayed wisdom that we can only wish all in the black community would espouse. Mason has the answer to racism, and hate f people will just listen – his ‘light’ is definitely on full blast.

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