France Shuts Down Three Mosques

In its crackdown on radical Islamists, France has shut down three mosques for what it describes as a “pattern of radicalization.”

Police have been conducting raids under France’s “State of Emergency” imposed by Parliament. It’s akin to martial law, and restricts the citizens of France significantly. The emergency declaration is set to expire in February.

The radicalization pattern as France shuts down three mosques

One mosque in Lagny-sur-Marne, a suburb of eastern Paris, was found to contain a 9mm handgun, a computer hard drive hidden behind a wall and jihadist propaganda. Nine individuals were arrested and 22 barred from leaving the country. They also found documents regarding an unregistered Islamic school.

 france shuts down three mosques
Photo by Alain Apaydin/Sipa USA

Also closed were mosques in Lyon, France and Gennevilliers, a northwest suburb of Paris.

USA Today reported,

The Interior minister said French authorities have conducted 2,235 searches, made 263 arrests and seized 334 weapons, including 34 military-grade weapons, since last month’s attacks on several bars and restaurants, a concert hall and the national stadium in Paris.

But..wait…France has gun control. Sure that helped. Not.

‘Won’t happen in America’

Evan Kohlmann, an analyst  at Flashpoint, a NY based threat intelligence firm, says that the move is not likely to be repeated here in the United States because “radicals” are immediately “investigated by the FBI and removed from their positions.” He also says that radicalization is “not the trend” in the United States.

Huh? Sounds  a little delusional, actually.

Hate speech laws to blame in Europe? 

One Islamic leader, Zuhdi Jasser, stated that Europe’s problem was their laws against “hate speech” that pushes Islamists underground. While hate speech laws are spawned in politically correct ignorance, and not in keeping with American values or the Constitution, they are not the cause of radical Islam.

The couple who killed 14 people and wounded 17 others on December 2 in California – what happened there? Farook was born in America.

The FBI Islamic “assets”

The FBI works with Islamic leaders, in particular CAIR, the group that was linked to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. So…if they have so many “assets” at play, how did they miss yesterday’s carnage? Because they do not understand – or they don’t want to believe – that radical Islam can mask itself as ‘moderate.’


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