Fox News premiers political panel show featuring Eboni Williams, Kat Timpf, some guy

Fox News regulars Williams, Timpf. (Twitter)

As the Fox News Channel (FNC) rearranges the seating charts more than a gaggle of surly flight attendants, the latest factor to the rating equation will be a 5 PM political panel show entitled “The Fox News Specialists”.

As reported, the new political yak-fest is slated for a permanent trio of hosts; Eboni K. Williams, Esq, and Katherine “Kat” Timpf of National Review. Also slated to co-host is some guy who used to work near the corner of Wall and Broad.

Eboni Willliams. (Twitter)

A transplant to the Big Apple from Charlotte, NC via UNC Chapel Hill, FNC’s own Flower of the South is best known to viewers as an on-again-off-again legal contributor, albeit she leans a bit to the left-of-center.

Lawyer Williams also has the rep for putting her personal opinions off to the side when the topic at hand may sail into waters that call for integrity and objectivity.

Not really a great mystery why she’s such a fan favorite by the usually conservative Fox News viewership.

Although never quite putting it into words exactly like this, young Miss Williams is also renown for having the most politically savvy, if not just the most flat-out smartest Momma in the entire South as evidenced by who she voted for president in 2016.

Kat Timpf. (Twitter)

That brings us to Kat Timpf, the perky spitfire with the crooked smile and goofy (but hot on her) nerdlinger glasses. Suffice it to say that if there’s a correlation between body size and the amount of consonants in one’s surname, there’s a pretty good chance that Kat Timpf would be the poster girl for such.

Formerly of CampusReform.org, Timpf is like Williams; a contributor to a slew of various programs on both the FNC and Fox Business, as well as appearing as a regular on the Greg Gutfeld Show on Saturday evenings.

Hailing from the toughest cul-de-sac in all of suburban Detroit, Timpf is no stranger to the manifest dangers of being a pundit. During on a appearance on the now cancelled Red Eye (stupid move, FNC honchos), Timpf found herself on the receiving end of numerous death threats for referring to Star Wars fans as “space nerds” and “crazy”.

My Packpack’s Got Jets… and I know where you live, Blondie.Also reported that the new program will see two revolving “special guest experts” daily. Now that Williams and Timpf have a full time gig at Fox, the more alternative viewers of the network eagerly await the long awaited return of the likes of Sherrod Small and Gavin McInnes, even if it’s only once in a great while.

With the new infusion of youthful blood, the addition of the desirable duo just may attract a demographic to Fox News that is decades away from being concerned with the likes of catheters, gold and silver IRAs, or even the dreaded reverse mortgage.

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