FL Democrat violently attacks female Trump supporter at poll

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Donna Tatlici talks with reporters about the altercation with a Clinton supporter – screenshot

Jupiter, Florida – Thomas Garrecht voted for Hillary Clinton (not enthusiastically). When he came out of the polls he had to walk past Donna Tactlici, who was handing out Trump literature. Apparently he’d had a bad morning, because it ended in an altercation in which she was slammed to the ground and punched, and he was pepper sprayed.

Garrecht approached her and yelled, “I don’t need anyone to tell me who to vote for!”

She replied, “I’m not here to do that. I’m just here to give you the information.”

Fl Democrat on the loose!

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

Garrecht went in to vote, and then returned. When the two got closer, Garrecht allegedly started yelling at Tatlici, who felt threatened and pepper sprayed him. Witnesses said he grabbed her shoulder just prior to being pepper-sprayed. When she hit him in the face with the pepper spray, he grabbed her neck and threw her to the ground and started punching her.

“I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe someone would actually hit me. I was really upset.” Donna Tatlici

The Palm Beach Post reported,

Tatlici, who has a scrape on her elbow, but is otherwise fine, said she will press charges.

Mark Smith, a lawyer handing out literature nearby on behalf of his friend, state Senate candidate Ron Berman, said Garrecht came out of the polling place “with a huge chip on his shoulder.”

“He was up in her face like he was picking a fight,” Smith said.

Garrecht admitted he said some things he “shouldn’t have,” and that he should have just gone to his car. He spoke to police at the scene and rinsed his eyes with water. Yellow pepper spray was still on his face and shirt when he was interviewed by The Palm Beach Post soon after the incident.

Garrecht said he was upset because he thought the Trump supporters were intimidating other voters.

Liberal mindsets

OK, liberals, let’s have a conversation: since when does handing out literature constitute “intimidation?” The Republicans were standing well outside the legal distance from the polling place.

And WHO is the intimidating force here? A loud, angry man, or a woman with a handful of papers?  Garrecht will likely be charged with assault, and says he realized he made some “childish” insults. But he defends his action because “she sprayed me first,” and “there were eight of them and you had to walk by them.”

So…did one of them threaten him? Did anyone tell him they were going to beat him up if he didn’t vote for Trump? No? Then he’s the one that started it.

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