‘F**k Whites’: Hater admits spitting in white people’s food at McDonald’s

mcdonaldsOn Monday, Clash Daily posted a tweet that indicates just how far some hatemongers are willing to go in order to express their racist hatred of white people.

The tweet was originally posted last June, but is just now getting attention.  In it, a person going by the name “Bubba Conroy” admitted spitting in the food purchased by white people at McDonald’s.  The reason?  Revenge for slavery, something that was done away with 150 years ago at the cost of more than 600,000 lives.

spitThe Twitter account has since been suspended, and it’s unknown if this individual was terminated from his or her job. According to a post at Moonbattery, it’s not even 100 percent certain if this was a real person.  Real or not, the account was suspended, and Dave Blount called it “another reason to avoid McDonald’s,” while observing that race-baiter extraordinaire Jesse Jackson boasted of spitting in white people’s food while working as a waiter in Greenville, South Carolina.

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Not much could be found about this claim, but a search of #FuckWhites on Twitter reveals some interesting results:

You read that hashtag right: #PrayForDeadWhites.


You get the point.


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