Five states hold the key to ObamaCare’s success or failure…and more

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“I know that there are millions of Americans who are content with their health care coverage – they like their plan and they value their relationship with their doctor. And that means that no matter how we reform health care, we will keep this promise: If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor. Period. If you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan. Period.” Barack HUSSEIN Obama

LIAR…NOT only did Barack HUSSEIN Obama LIE to ‘We the People’ about being able to keep our current insurance policies and doctors we like, but he also LIED about ObamaCare’s true intentions and why only ‘certain states’ will actually see their rates lowered.

The fact is that insurance on the ObamaCare health exchanges will cost more than existing insurance except in five states projected to see lowered rates (see chart)…five ‘blue’ states…New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Colorado, and Rhode Island…and these five states are key to ObamaCare succeeding.

We all know young adults in the 25 to 34-year age bracket…’healthy’ young adults…are needed for ObamaCare to be successfully operational, because it will be these young people who will pick-up the costs for older Americans, those more likely to become ill. Simply, without them signing on ObamaCare will fail. And those five states…five states with some of the highest numbers in that critical 25 to 34 age group (1)…are the states where the lower monthly premiums will hopefully make ObamaCare attractive to them.

New York has 2,659,000 young adults between the ages of 25 and 34…New Jersey has 1,100,000…Ohio has 1,410,000 in that age group…Colorado has 726,000, and Rhode Island has 127,000 in that critical age group. And with seven million enrollees needed by March 1, 2014, if all those 25 to 34 year olds in those five states alone were to sign-up, that would give ObamaCare 6,022,000 enrollees…and even if just half in these five states signed-up, ObamaCare would be almost half way to success.

Five states chosen for lower policy rates…five states chosen perhaps because they all have a higher number of women than men…chosen so Obama could use his self-fabricated ‘supposed’ Republican ‘War on Women’ to his advantage by playing on women’s sympathies and emotions with issues like motherhood and abortion…

And with the issue of single-parent households…households for the most part headed by women…the very households that most likely cannot currently afford private insurance. New York, New Jersey, and Colorado have 30% of all its children in single-family households, Ohio has 37%, and Rhode Island has 40% of all its children in a single-family household. And while other states (Mississippi for example) might have more single-family households percentage wise, these states (except for Rhode Island of course) have higher population numbers that translate into higher sign-up numbers…numbers that also translate into the all important Democratic voter turnout numbers.

Did Obama have premium numbers manipulated downward in these five states with mostly women heading single-parent households to play on their emotions and in debt them to ObamaCare for now insuring their children…for giving their children well-visits and immunizations for free…would their thank-you be unwavering partisan support…just something to consider.

Also, ObamaCare covers both Planned Parenthood and abortion. ObamaCare requires premium payers to be assessed an abortion surcharge every month to pay for abortions, and stipulates…in very small easily overlooked print…that the surcharge be minimally disclosed only at the time of enrollment…meaning many signing onto ObamaCare in good faith…especially vehemently anti-abortion Catholics and Christians…might NOT realize they’re paying for the very abortions they are morally opposed to until it is too late to do anything about it.

And guess which state has the most abortions in the Unites States…that honor…or should I say dishonor…goes to New York (with an astounding 119,996 legal abortions in 2010 and with 41% [88,000] of all New York City pregnancies ending in abortion in 2011(2)…followed by New Jersey. Ohio and Colorado are also in the top 15 states for abortions as well. And these again are four of the five states with projected lower premium costs…making ObamaCare attractive to today’s more’ ‘liberal-minded, anything goes’ young woman.

Reeling in women in the five states with lower premiums…hmmmm…

And we all know that blacks (I refuse to use the term African-American because I do NOT believe in any hyphenated Americans) are Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s core group of supporters for ObamaCare. That is just a fact…NOTHING racist about it or intended. And guess which state has the highest number of blacks in the United States…none other than New York. New York…one of the five states with projected lower insurance costs because of ObamaCare…and let’s be honest here…New York has the largest number of the very people Obama crafted ObamaCare for. And with blacks in New York comprising 15.8% (3,073,800) of New York’s total population as per the 2010 Census…blacks will sign onto ObamaCare (or more likely Medicaid) in high numbers with the lower premiums as a major draw and with ObamaCare provided subsidies if they cannot afford the payments. And with them comes their loyalty to America’s ‘supposed’ first black president and his Democratic Party.

Also, while speaking of minorities let’s remember that Obama catered and pandered to the growing in numbers gay population during the 2012 election cycle. He gave them our military to be openly gay in…he gave them our public educational system by allowing the teaching of their ‘alternative lifestyle’…he gave them the right to marry as in the abomination known as ‘Gay Marriage’…and now he’s given them an incentive to sign onto ObamaCare with the dangling carrot of lower premiums in five states…five states having some of the highest number of gays living in them (3)…led off by New York with 3.8% of its total population of 19,378,102 (roughly 736,000) identifying as being gay…Ohio with 3.6% (roughly 415,000) out of 11,536,504 identifying as being gay…New Jersey with 3.7% (roughly 325,000) out of 8,791,894 identifying as being gay…Colorado having 3.2% (roughly 161,000) out of 5,029,196 identifying as gay…and with Rhode Island with 4.5% out of 1,052,567 (roughly 47,000) identifying as gay.

And when you add those numbers together you have roughly 1,684,000 people identifying as being gay in those five states alone…the five states projected to have lower premium rates than before ObamaCare. In other words about 1/7 of the number needed by March 1, 2014 to assure ObamaCare’s viability can be garnered by the gay population within just five states. And you wonder why Obama so pandered to the gay minority during the 2012 election cycle…concentrating his propaganda in those five states knowing that their premium cost numbers could be manipulated downward when he needed the gay vote as his payback for catering and pandering to them.

Bottom line…policy cost numbers were indeed manipulated as needed because ObamaCare was NEVER about quality health care for all Americans, but has always been about garnering and amassing numbers loyal to the Democratic Party. Manipulating numbers to assure the most important outcome of all…the presidential election in 2016 and for presidential elections in years beyond… securing outcomes BEFORE the first vote is even cast. And voter fraud is NOT needed to do so as five blue states…the ONLY five states projected to see insurance premiums actually drop under ObamaCare…have enough electoral college votes to tip the 2016 presidential race into the Democratic win column in a close election.

With blue states New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Colorado, and Rhode Island being the only states projected to see a drop in insurance premiums because of ObamaCare…New York with its 29 electoral votes…New Jersey with its 14…Ohio with its 18…Colorado has 9 electoral votes…and adding in Rhode Island with its 6 votes…means all together these numbers equal a total of 76 electoral votes out of the needed 270 plus one votes needed to secure the 2016 presidency. And again, ONLY these states are projected to see premium rate drops because of ObamaCare.

So now you know the true objective of ObamaCare…the securing of the presidency for the Democrats in 2016 to continue Obama’s so wanted ‘fundamental change’ of America…and doing it with what amounts to simple bribery. Barack HUSSEIN Obama and his cohorts need just five states to pull off the greatest scam ever perpetrated on the American people and are succeeding by merely manipulating numbers. And yes, other states do indeed have higher populations and percentage numbers of certain groups…states like California for example…but either they have NOT signed onto ObamaCare or their states will see HIGHER NOT LOWER policy premium rates because their populace appears NOT as gullible or enamored with Obama as that of those residing in those five states.

Simply put…the other states, besides these five, who have signed onto ObamaCare are actually being scammed for they are the ones who will foot the bill for the population in those five lower premium cost states…five states who’ve been ‘bribed’ by numbers manipulation to assure ObamaCare gets the sign-up numbers needed to help screw ‘We the People’ for generations to come.

And such is America’s health care system under Barack HUSSEIN Obama…sad isn’t it.

(1) as per the 2010 Census…the latest figures available
(2) latest figures available
(3) based on 2010 Census and a corresponding Gallup survey


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