Finally, Michigan called for Trump as ‘media feud’ heats

Trump - drain the swampThe Detroit Free Press gave Donald Trump something else to be thankful for yesterday, by reporting late Wednesday that the Michigan Secretary of State had posted a new tally from all 83 of the state’s county clerks that put Trump ahead of Hillary Clinton by 10,704 votes.

According to the newspaper, the state Board of Canvassers will certify the results on Monday. The Electoral College votes on Dec. 19. There is a push on to have some electors refuse to cast their votes for Trump and instead make Hillary Rodham Clinton president.

The Hill reported that Trump allies are continuing to fight what they feel is a “hopelessly biased liberal media” and believe they are justified. Here’s what The Hill said:

“They’re fuming over what they see as a press corps that has dropped any pretense of objectivity in covering Trump, and they’re sick of what they view as breathless coverage of frivolous stories, like the ‘Hamilton’ actor who chided Vice President-elect Mike Pence after a performance.”

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

Does the newspaper have it right and do Trump’s people have a legitimate complaint?

On Friday, Trump added K.T. McFarland to his team as deputy national security advisor, the New York Times reported. How the mainstream press reports this over the weekend might be instructive.

Reaching for a new low, the Huffington Post found something newsworthy in the foul effort of a Florida graphic designer who reportedly “has designs on turning Donald Trump’s last name into a new euphemism for ‘poop.’” The story runs with a photo of a pile of dog dung that has been pierced with a toothpick to which a cutout of Trump’s face has been glued.

The artist, going by a pseudonym of “Allan Adler,” reportedly posts photos of his handiwork on Facebook, calling them “Pieces of Trump.”

If someone had done the same thing with images of Barack Obama on toothpicks, would the HuffPo have devoted space to it? Would the HuffPo have called it “racist?”


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