The Fight Against Facebook Bigotry

Facebook's anti-freedom censorship is a threat to American freedom.

Americans spent 50 million fewer hours on Facebook recently and I believe that is because of Facebook’s nasty habit of censoring Christian and patriotic viewpoints.
Freedom of speech and freedom of religion are vital to keeping American freedom alive.

For some reason, all of the major social media sites are operated by hard core leftists. Twitter, Google, YouTube and Facebook are all products of the left and unfortunately they are also the primary Internet communication paths for conservative Christian Americans.

For the last few years I have paid my bills with revenue received from banner ads that run at the bottom of my Wild Bill for America videos on YouTube. But recently Google began blocking me from receiving ad revenue from 90% of my videos saying “not suitable for all advertisers.”

They refuse to give an explanation.

This pattern of punishing conservative, Christian communications is being seen all over the country by thousands of Americans. This is a threat to American freedom.

The goal of liberalism is total domination and control of all people.

The communists and Nazis brutally controlled all communications in the nations they took over.  Fear of saying the wrong thing kept people in check.

Today, the left demand that We The People submit to their godless, immoral agendas. Silencing free speech is a major step in the lefts plan for total domination.

The left in America cannot put us in concentration camps like leftists of previous generations did, but they can certainly try to intimidate us into silence and shut us down on their social media sites.

The answer to their attempts to silence free speech is more free speech! We The People are beginning to fight back against Facebook and other anti-freedom censors.  One problem is that there are no conservative social media sites large enough to compete with the left wing giants.

(Ed. — There are a number of sites that support free speech; Tea Party Community,, MeWe, ProAmerica Only, SocialCross and PatriotSpace are just a few, although their reach is minuscule compared to Facebook — at least for now.)

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