Covid Fear Campaign: Don’t Fall For It This Time Around

A Covid fear campaign has been launched, just in time for the rest of the primaries and on to the midterms. Fauci is calling for masking, the leftwing media is shouting headlines planned to generate fear. CNN shrieked, “The worst variant is here” in a headline. Be sure to get boosted, and make sure you’re masked up. The pandemic is still here. Covid cases are rising. (Fox). All of this after months of seeing the “vaccines” be ineffective as public figures and politicians keep testing positive for it even after vaccinated and boosted.

The left WANTS you scared so they can continue to control you. Since March of 2020, much information has been learned about Covid treatments. We learned the the Fauci-backed Remdesivir treatment kills your kidneys. We learned that monoclonal antibodies were effective until the government pulled them. We learned that lockdowns were deadly, not only for adults trapped in confined spaces, but for children who lost their learning momentum by being isolated. We learned that the mRNA vaccines from Moderna and Pfizer had problems with side effects in many, and the other one (J&J) had problems with blood clots. We learned that young children and healthy young adults could have heart inflammation from the “vaccines.” At this point, you might actually be more afraid of the vaccine than the disease.

We recently learned that the constant boosting of these vaccines may also lower your immune system. We also know that even Fauci said they weren’t as “effective” as first thought, yet still warned the US that the pandemic is “still here” and the new B.A. 5 variant is dangerous. He has made millions from the Covid situation, and told Senator Rand Paul that he didn’t have to disclose how much.

Los Angeles has been feeding the fear via its Los Angeles County Public Health Director, Barbara Ferrer who instituted another mask requirement. Is this a Covid fear campaign?

Los Angeles County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer has reinstituted a countywide mask mandate with zero scientific justification.  Ferrer uses loaded political language like “health racism” and “health equity” to describe the pandemic.  It’s obvious that her objective in prolonging lockdowns is achieving political objectives, not protecting us from disease.  Therefore, her tenure as public health director must end, effective immediately.  The elected Board of Supervisors must fire her.


There is no “emergency” worthy of masking and lockdowns or any other drastic measures the Democrats like to take, according to actual doctors in California. For example, Doctors at LAC USC reported at a news conference that there was no one in the hospital with the kind of Covid they have seen in the past. No one with major pulmonary disease. More like a “bad cold.”

“As of this morning we have no one in the hospital who had pulmonary disease due to COVID. Nobody in the hospital. We have 24 people who have tested positive for COVID but nobody, nobody who had COVID-19 disease as we would see in the past.” Dr Paul Holtom

Here are a couple of remarks on the above video:

“I work there, I see what’s going on. We are not in crisis with Covid. We have other issues for sure, but Covid isn’t one of them.” Carol E

“Why is @ericgarcetti creating FAKE numbers and a Covid scare when doctors are saying the complete opposite? Where is sane leadership? This is completely crazy.” Alice

The fact is, none of the new variants- B.A.4 or B.A.5 produce the same drastic effects of the first wave of Covid. Yes, they can sneak around the immune system in place from the vaccine and original infection. But none of it is cause for such a Covid fear campaign, and it appears that the people who make money from these kinds of things know that if you’re afraid, you’ll listen to anything they say. Don’t fall for it this time around.


H/T Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children


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