Federalist article offers ‘Top 9 Reasons’ gun control doesn’t work

Gun control doesn’t work, but Democrats just keep pushing it. Why? (Dave Workman)

Writing at The Federalist this week, firearms attorney and best-selling author Ryan Cleckner explains the “Top 9 Reasons Democrats’ Latest Gun Control Bill Is A Terrible Idea (Again),” and he pulls no punches at a time when Capitol Hill Democrats are launching their new gun prohibition crusade.

Cleckner’s list should be required reading for anyone interested in gun legislation, and it begins by telling readers that gun control doesn’t work, and attempts to pass new legislation proves it. Here are the nine reasons listed in his article:

  1. Demands For New Gun Control Are An Admission That Gun Control Doesn’t Work
  2. Gun Dealers Already Conduct Background Checks
  3. There Is No ‘Gun-Show Loophole’
  4. There Is No ‘Online Gun Sales Loophole’
  5. Universal Background Checks Won’t Stop Criminals From Getting Guns
  6. Background Checks Won’t Stop Mass Shootings
  7. In-State Commerce Is a State Issue
  8. Universal Background Checks Are Too Burdensome
  9. Universal Background Checks Create a De Facto Federal Gun Registry

In 2,576 words, Cleckner punctures virtually every popular myth of the gun control movement. He tells readers that so-called “Universal background checks would not have stopped the deadliest mass shootings following the enactment of federal background check requirements in 1994.” Included in that list are the mass shootings in Parkland, Fla. and Thousand Oaks, Calif. (2018), Las Vegas, San Bernardino and Sutherland Springs (2017), Orlando (2016), Washington, D.C. Navy Yard (2013), Aurora, Co., and Sandy Hook (2012), Fort Hood (2009), and Columbine (1999).

He overlooked the second Fort Hood shooting in 2014, and the triple murder in Mukilteo, Wash., in 2016. In both cases, the killers passed background checks as well.

“Mass shootings and gun violence are horrible,” Cleckner writes, “and we should try to stop them. However, demands for more gun control only make plain the truth that gun control cannot stop violence.

“Current gun control doesn’t stop criminals,” he continues. “The latest gun control proposal is no different. It would do nothing to end gun violence, but it would drastically increase the burdens on law-abiding citizens who only wish to defend themselves and their families from violent criminals who don’t care whether something is against the law.”

And the former special operations sniper asks this intriguing question, “Democrats often cite stopping these mass shootings as a reason for enacting universal background checks. However, after seeing that universal background checks would have had zero effect, it invites the question: why are they really so eager to add burdens to lawful gun ownership?”

So far, nobody has offered a credible answer.


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