Federal Judge Gives State Department Until Next Week to Release Benghazi Emails From Mills and Abedin

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benghaziattackThe State Department told Federal Judge Emmet Sullivan that they couldn’t possibly get to the Benghazi emails from Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin until the end of the year.

Judge Sullivan told them they had to put them into a searchable database by Friday and must have all of the emails related to Benghazi by next week.  This is a huge defeat for John Kerry, who has been covering for Hillary Clinton over her neglect and incompetence that led to the deaths of four Americans including an ambassador, Chris Stevens.

Judge Sullivan has been handling several cases involving the release of Clinton emails and has grown tired of getting nothing but excuses and delays from the Obama caliphate.  The State Department cries that they just got the emails, but it’s their own fault.

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Had they demanded the emails when Hillary left the State Department as required by law, this would all be settled by now.  Judge Sullivan told Obama’s lawyers to have the State Department add more workers if need be.

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