Obama’s big ‘Oops?’—Majority don’t want him on campaign trail

Former President Barack Hussein Obama recently went on the campaign trail to support Democrats running for office, and blasting President Donald Trump in the process, but that bit of political narcissism apparently hit a sour note with a majority of likely voters, though Democrats will disagree.


A new Rasmussen survey suggests Obama might not be welcome on the campaign trail by most likely voters. (YouTube, Fox News)

That’s the indication of a new survey from Rasmussen, which showed that only 38 percent of likely voters are more likely to vote “for a candidate whom Obama campaigns for, while 36% say they are less likely. Twenty-four percent (24%) feel an Obama endorsement has no impact on their vote.”

“Among all voters,” Rasmussen said Wednesday, “41% believe Obama should take a more public role in the Democratic opposition to President Trump and the Republicans. Forty-six percent (46%) disagree, while 13% are not sure.”

Obama taking at least partial credit for the economy under President Trump has irked some conservatives. But an analysis by the Wall Street Journal helps put things in perspective.
Digging into Rasmussen’s findings, one sees quickly that partisanship plays a big role.

According to Rasmussen, 65 percent of Democrats are more likely to vote for a candidate supported by the former president, while 57 percent of Republican voters are less likely to support such a candidate. But among independents, only 26 percent are more likely to support an Obama-backed candidate while 36 percent are less likely and 35 percent say “about the same,” the survey revealed. It’s those independent voters who often decide elections, so having Obama appear on stage may not be such a hot idea as some partisans might think, if the Rasmussen polling data is correct.

And there was this discussion:

Another analysis, this one appearing in The Atlantic, notes, “A recent poll from Quinnipiac found that 70 percent of registered voters would describe the state of the nation’s economy right now as “excellent” or “good.” A full 65 percent of Americans expect economic conditions to be good a year from now, the highest number in years, according to a CNN poll released Monday. And many Americans are giving Trump, not Obama, credit for the state of the economy, says Karlyn Bowman, a public-opinion analyst and a senior fellow at the conservative American Enterprise Institute.”

So why can’t Trump’s popularity surge well above 50 percent? The Atlantic suggests that scandals involving some former Trump associates have hurt.

But remember Obama’s presidency had some scandals, too. The media just didn’t talk about them as much as it does anything questionable linked even remotely to Trump.
What if Fast & Furious, Solyndra or Benghazi had happened on Trump’s watch?

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Those are fair questions that may come up as this campaign season unfolds, perhaps not among the “talking heads” but among the people now preparing to vote in November.