Debate’s Biggest Losers: Democrats, Establishment, Fox

Loser-630x420Never in my memory have I witnessed a debate as significant as Thursday night’s.  There were but a few winners (Trump, Cruz, Carson) but many many losers.

Bush, Rubio, Paul, Walker, Kasich and Perry were almost nonexistent.  Carson really only came out a winner for his debate final thoughts.  And groups were also big losers.

DEMOCRATS… The fact that the debate drew 24 million people is an ominous sign for Democrats.  It shows that the base is much more engaged than in 2012, when the largest TV audience was 7 million.

In 2014, the polls were fairly close between republicans and democrats in everything but enthusiasm.  That enthusiasm gap produced a wave election that delivered the Senate into Republican hands. (Until they reelected McConnell as leader)  There is little doubt that Hillary will not create any more enthusiasm than the annual Cow Chip Tossing Championship.

Obama won the last election by five million popular votes.  However, consider this.  He won California by three million and New York by two million.

That means in the remaining 48 states, it was a dead heat at least where the popular vote was concerned.  Romney lost the swing states by a mere 388,000 votes.  And that was in a year that Democratic enthusiasm outpaced that for Republicans.  So, if that enthusiasm carries over to election day 2016, the Democrats are in real trouble.

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