Facebook’s Zuckerberg: US should ‘follow Germany’s lead’ on Muslim migration policies

zuckerberg-laughingWhile speaking at a town hall event in Berlin, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg praised Germany’s “inspiring” refugee policy — which now includes censorship of online speech by Facebook — and said the United States and other countries should “follow Germany’s lead.”

“I hope other countries follow Germany’s lead on this,” he said. “I hope the U.S. follows Germany’s lead on this.”

He also expressed his commitment to tackling so-called “hate speech,” which these days is little more than anything a liberal doesn’t like at that particular moment in time.

“Hate speech has no place on Facebook and in our community,” he said. “Until recently in Germany I don’t think we were doing a good enough job, and I think we will continue needing to do a better and better job.”

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

Now, he added, Facebook’s ever changing policies will “include hate speech against migrants as an important part of what we just now have no tolerance for.”

But what, exactly, is “hate speech?”  And who gets to define it?  As is so often the case with Facebook and other social media sites, “hate speech” is whatever a leftist says it is at the time.  And of course, Facebook’s nameless, faceless moderators are no doubt the ones who will enforce the policy.

Keep in mind, these are the same moderators who think a picture of a lilac tree is pornographic and a 2012 Donald Trump campaign button showing nothing but the candidate’s face violates rules against nudity.

Breitbart.com added:

Germany has been exerting considerable pressure on Facebook to co-operate with them to remove alleged “hate speech” against migrants on the platform. In September, German chancellor Angela Merkel was caught on tape at a luncheon event pressing Zuckerberg on the issue.

Since then, Facebook has dramatically expanded its anti-hate speech efforts, launching a new initiative to combat “racist and xenophobic” material on social media alongside European NGOs this January. Facebook is also cooperating with a task force set up by the Germany Justice Ministry to hunt down alleged racists on the platform.

The Hill added:

The German government reached a deal with Facebook, Twitter and Google at the end of last year to get them to crack down on hateful comments online.

“One of the things that is unique in Germany is that migrants are a protected class,” Zuckerberg said Friday. “And, frankly, before we started engaging more with government and civil society here in Germany, that wasn’t how we operated around the world.”

He said the company now has hundreds of people working to screen content in Germany for offending material.

In short, Zuckerberg wants the U.S. to adopt the same tyrannical regime of censorship while at the same time allowing hundreds of thousands of unvetted migrants into the country even if it means allowing ISIS terrorists to roam our streets and rape our women.  Of course, anyone who reports the incident would be guilty of “hate speech.”

Wonderful.  If you think things are bad on Facebook now, just wait.

[Note: Perhaps this is a good time to let you know that Adina Kutnicki, an investigative journalist based in Israel, and I, have signed a deal to produce a book about some of these issues, and as you may have guessed, Facebook is one of the central subjects.  We’ve elected to keep the title to ourselves for now, but we’ll release more information in due course.  We hope to see the book published sometime this fall. Stay tuned...]


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Joe Newby

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