Facebook: Article about Muslims angry over restaurants’ refusal to serve halal food violates community standards

notlike-facebookIt seems Facebook’s jihad against free speech by conservatives continues.

On Tuesday, Bob Amoroso wrote that McDonald’s, KFC and Pizza Hut rejected a request for halal food from Hong Kong’s chief imam, Mufti Muhammad Arshad.

A link to the article was posted to various pages and groups, but Facebook — a company whose CEO has promised a “safe space” for Muslims — decided the article somehow violated their nebulous and ever-changing community standards.

As a result, administrators of the popular U.S. Herald Facebook page were slapped by the social media giant.

Here’s what one administrator sent to us:


As a result of the post, Tanya Grimsley told me, two administrators received a 24-hour ban, one was banned indefinitely and another got off with a warning.

The link still appears on a number of groups, she said.

This is nothing new for the social media site, but it seems to be happening much more frequently these days.

On Christmas Eve, Infowars’ Paul Joseph Watson said Facebook censored an article about a Muslim “refugee” raping a Swedish woman.


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