Liberal Elite Calls Republicans, Trump Supporters Racists and Buffoons

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Oscar-winning screenwriter of The Social Network and The West Wing, Aaron Sorkin
Oscar-winning screenwriter of The Social Network and The West Wing, Aaron Sorkin

During the 2016 Presidential Campaign, Hillary Clinton and her campaign kept pushing the slogan, “Love, Not Hate,” but the message did not reach some liberals who have exposed themselves as haters.

The Oscar-winning screenwriter of The Social Network and The West Wing, Aaron Sorkin, reacted to Donald Trump being elected the 45th president of the United States by writing a letter to his daughter and the mother of his daughter, of his hatred of Trump and Republicans.

Sorkin, who is a contributor to Vanity Fair, condemned Republicans, Donald Trump, and Trump supporters as being racist, bigoted, sexists, and a bunch of buffoons.


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In his letter, Sorkin wrote:

“It’s hardly the first time my candidate didn’t win (in fact it’s the sixth time) but it is the first time that a thoroughly incompetent pig with dangerous ideas, a serious psychiatric disorder, no knowledge of the world and no curiosity to learn has.

And it wasn’t just Donald Trump who won last night—it was his supporters too. The Klan won last night. White nationalists. Sexists, racists and buffoons. Angry young white men who think rap music and Cinco de Mayo are a threat to their way of life (or are the reason for their way of life) have been given cause to celebrate. Men who have no right to call themselves that and who think that women who aspire to more than looking hot are shrill, ugly, and otherwise worthy of our scorn rather than our admiration struck a blow for misogynistic shitheads everywhere. Hate was given hope.”

The violent protests by the far-left liberals, Black Lives Matter (BLM), communists, Socialists, and the Democratic Party because Hillary lost is bad enough, but now you have the Hollywood liberal elites pushing the hateful agenda of the Democratic Party even further.

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