An emerging pattern? Police warned by YouTube shooter’s father, said they would ‘keep an eye on her’

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First there was the tragic Parkland shooting in which authorities were warned about the shooter many, many times.  Now, Ben Bowles tells us at Liberty Unyielding, a similar story is emerging from the YouTube shooting, which the liberal anti-gun media seems to be running away from.

According to Bowles:

No sooner had word of another multiple shooting broken yesterday than Twitter lit up with profane comments by liberals who just knew the gunman who shot up YouTube headquarters in northern California would fit the “normal profile.”

One Twitter user was so certain that he promised to eat his “f*cking hat if the shooter turned out not be a white male NRA/Trump supporter!” Needless to say, that post vanished after follow-up reports confirmed that the shooter, Nasim Aghdam, was a female of Iranian extraction who described herself as “vegan artist, bodybuilder, and animal rights activist.”

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This is not to say that a pattern is not emerging among recent mass shootings. As with the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, police were warned — in this case by Aghdam’s father — that his daughter “hated” YouTube for censoring and demonizing her content on the social media site.

CBS Los Angeles reported:

The father told CBS2 News’ reporter Tina Patel that the woman identified as Nasim Aghdam had gone missing for a few days. He said he had called law enforcement in the San Diego area because he was concerned about her recent ire towards YouTube.

He said law enforcement authorities contacted him Tuesday at 2 a.m., telling him they had found his daughter safe in her car in Mountain View in Northern California. When the family realized that was near YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, they told police about her recent complaints about how the company was “ruining her life.” They claim police told them they would be keeping an eye on her.


Bowles has more on this, here


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