Democratic Pennsylvania Attorney General Faces Felony Charges

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393935_1280x720Former Clinton adviser and current Attorney General of Pennsylvania is facing a variety of charges that strip her office from her and leave her disbarred and disgraced.  Kathleen Kane is accused of leaking grand jury testimony in an attempt to injure her political rivals.

Grand jury testimony is top secret and cannot be discussed outside the grand jury court room.  To make things worse, she lied to investigators looking into the leak.  It is alleged that Kane passed the information on to a political operative for release to the press.

Kane’s past three years as Attorney General has been one embarrassment after another.  Top aides have left the agency , her office has bungled numerous cases, feuds with former prosecutors and making false statements, she later had to walk back and correct.

Now, a grand jury charged looking into her leak of top secret testimony have recommended she be charged with  criminal contempt, perjury, obstruction, false swearing and official oppression.

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