An Open Letter to Barack HUSSEIN Obama Regarding Sgt. Andrew Tahmoorissi

andew2 coverMr. President,While I know you have your hands full with all your leading from behind, and with you trying to ‘save face’ by cobbling out a strategy of sorts for dealing with ISIS after saying you have NO strategy at all…but you also need to put this on your agenda, Mr. President, so let me give you a memory jolt…remember when you said, “We don’t leave men and women in uniform behind.” Remember back in June when you tried to justify your five Taliban for one American deserter swap…

Well…I’d say that’s NOT quite true, Mr. President (and I will call you that with all sarcasm intended throughout), but you do indeed leave those in uniform and those serving our country behind…do the names Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, and Glen Doherty mean anything to you…you know of Benghazi fame or should I say shame…you know the ones you NOT only left behind but the ones (I believe) you made sure died.

andrew4 foxAnd does the name Andrew Tahmoorissi mean anything to you…guess NOT as you and your administration have left him behind to rot in a Mexican jail for simply making a wrong turn. Shame on you, Mr. President…shame shame shame on you…as you are deliberately and knowingly leaving a man in uniform behind when a simple phone call to Mexican President Nieto would free him. And this leaves me to wonder if this is your payback for getting caught having your hand in the ‘Fast and Furious’ cookie jar…or perhaps this is some sort of deal you cut with the Mexican government to appease the drug cartels…to make them ‘go away’ until after the November mid-term elections so as NOT to hurt your party…just wondering.

And, Mr. President, race-baiter that you are…we all know that if Andrew Tahmoorisi was black instead of white he would have been out of jail and safely home by now…and we all know that if Andrew Tahmorissi had been a muslim he would have been out of jail and home within a few short days of his arrest…we know it…you know we know it…and you don’t give a damn that we do.

andrew3 decorated marineSo in case you’ve forgotten…what with all you have to do to arrange your next golf date that ‘We the People’ have to pay for…let me again refresh your memory, Mr. President…Andrew Tahmoorisi is the decorated U.S. Marine Sergeant who was in San Diego to be treated for PTSD resulting from his service in Afghanistan, who by accident …with ‘accident’ being the key word here…crossed into Mexico at a very poorly marked border crossing. Andrew Tahmoorissi is the Marine who at the time this happened had in his possession three LEGALLY owned firearms as well as ammunition, which he…honorable man that he is…immediately disclosed to the Mexican border guard as he tried to explain over and over that he had simply made a wrong turn…that he had NOTHING to hide…that he just wanted to turn around and go home.

andrew5 walkingBut the actions of an overzealous guard to what should have been a minor incident…as in an unintentional violation of a Mexican law (involving gun transportation) which citizens of that country violate in our country everyday… turned serious…turned into an international incident of sorts…when the Mexican government decided to arrest Sgt. Tahmoorissi rather than simply escorting him back across the border. They could have even confiscated his guns and sent him back home without them if it was the guns that truly concerned them but NO…they had to arrest him and throw him in a maximum security prison that rumor has it is controlled by the drug cartels…there’s that nefarious drug connection rearing its ugly head yet again, Mr. President…just saying.

And to make matters worse, Sgt. Tahmoorissi…who has been held since March… was chained like an animal to his bed…you saw the pictures of this as did we, Mr. President, and yet this did NOT bother you…it did NOT bother you that an American…that a man who put his life on the line to keep America safe and free at home…was being treated so barbarically in a country that ‘supposedly’ is a friend to America. It did NOT bother you. Mr. President, for if it had Sgt. Tahmoorissi would now be free.

andrew obama's americaSome friend Mexico is NOT…what with their sending thousands of anything but immigrants into our country ILLEGALLY every day…but I digress…so easy to do with you, Mr. President, because there is just so much wrong with you and your administration…sigh.

So, despite the fact that hundreds of millions of our tax payer dollars are being sent to Mexico each year for God only knows what…despite the fact that you and your administration turns a blind eye to the millions of Mexican citizens that break NOT just our immigration laws but so many other of our laws on a daily basis… despite the fact that American tourism accounts for more than ten percent of Mexico’s economy…you, Mr. President, does NOTHING to put pressure on the Mexican government…on Mexican President Nieto…to release Sgt. Tahmoorissi…and release him now. In fact, you did NOT even mention him in any of your many phone calls to President Nieto. And why NOT, Mr. President…why the hell NOT.

andrew6 headBut if memory serves me correctly you did allow Sgt. Tahmoorissi to be sent orders to report for active duty. Pray tell, Mr. President, how is he supposed to do that while rotting behind bars in a Mexican jail…NOT going to happen so I guess you did this just to get pleasure rubbing salt into his wounds…so I guess you did this to get pleasure by making his family…his white non-muslim American family…worry even more than they already do.

So as Sgt. Tahmoorissi awaits yet another day in court…wasting Mexican time and money when they should be out arresting and trying the drug lords and their cartel members that seem to be the ones who are in actuality running their country…while he awaits yet another anything but expeditious process of his case…and it seems his case will drag on and on as there are 108 hours of border crossing tape that still have to be viewed by the judge…I just wonder, Mr. President, if your lack of concern about the fate of Sgt, Tahmoorissi is because you truly do NOT care about the fate of any American anywhere…remember you went to play golf immediately after issuing that lame statement about the beheading of American reporter James Foley…and that shows where your heart…where your compassion…where your loyalties lie…and they are NOT with America or Americans that’s for sure.

andrew1 border with mexicoMr. President, if you want this one of many scandals facing you and your administration to ‘go away’ why don’t you pick up that phone with one hand and pick up your pen with your other hand and tell President Nieto that either he has Sgt. Tahmoorissi released now…as in immediately…or you will Executive Order all tourism into Mexico stopped by shutting down border crossings both in and out of Mexico…that you will order all U.S. aid…and I mean all aid…to Mexico stopped…as in you will hit Mexico hard…you will hit them where it will hurt them the most…as in their pocketbook.

So, Mr. President, enough is enough…the American people have spoken through the 100,000 signature petition you so cavalierly addressed and then dismissed…we have spoken in one united voice to demand that you get Sgt. Andrew Tahmoorissi …one of America’s brave warriors…home and get him home now. Screw your placating Mexico…and screw your covering your own butt for we all know that ‘Fast and Furious’ is behind your actions or should I say your inactions where Sgt. Tahmoorissi is concerned.

And so I will now sign off with all due respect, Mr. President…which in your case is very little if any at all.

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