Donald Trump’s yes man: Chris Christie mercilessly mocked after Trump press conference

christie-faceNew Jersey Gov. Chris Christie became a trending topic on Twitter and the subject of a number of sarcastic memes after his appearance at Donald Trump’s press conference Tuesday night.

The New York Times went so far as to call him Trump’s “yes man” in one tweet:

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Others weren’t quite so kind:

The Washington Post put it this way:

The New York Daily News, hardly a friend of Trump, posted this:

Writing about how Trump praised Planned Parenthood, the Right Scoop added: “The most amazing thing is watching Catholic, pro-life Chris Christie completely sell his soul to the devil, and applaud for it. Amazing.”

Twitchy said the tweets ultimately led to some pretty, well, sarcastic and funny memes featuring Christie:

And those are just a few.

Something tells me that Christie’s political career may have just taken a serious nose-dive.


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