Jan 1, 2023: California Proved It’s the Most Radical State

New crazy laws went into effect on Jan 1

On Jan 1, 2023, several new ridiculously radical laws went into effect in California. Let’s examine some of them to see why we’ve labelled them “radical”:

Transgender Sanctuary

California passed a law in 2022 making it a “transgender sanctuary.” We previously reported on the new law, but it did not go into effect until Jan 1, 2023.   The law “prohibits a provider of health care, a health care service plan, or a contractor from releasing medical information related to a person or entity allowing a child to receive gender-affirming health care or gender-affirming mental health care in response to a criminal or civil action, including a foreign subpoena, based on another state’s law that authorizes a person to bring a civil or criminal action against a person or entity that allows a child to receive gender-affirming health care or gender-affirming mental health care.” (Breitbart)

Did anyone bother to check into what could happen with that law? No. And the state of California may end up being party to some wild lawsuits.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

“This law entices minors seeking gender interventions against their parents’ wishes to run away to California. So if parents disagree on whether or not to permit their 14-year-old daughter to have her breasts removed and the offending parent and child arrive in California, California will decide which parent gets custody. We parents know who will win that battle. Pursuant to Family Code 3428, it is not kidnapping if the non-custodial parent absconds with the gender-confused child to California… Republican and Democratic parent groups are linking arms to safeguard children. I don’t think my party will ever recover from this assault on the family or bodily integrity of children.” Erin Friday, a Democrat and leader of Our Duty – The Epoch Times

Attack on Doctors’ judgment

Dissent is not allowed. “Resistance is futile” as the fictional Borg would say. As of Jan 1, 2023, doctors who promote any treatment for Covid that doesn’t conform to the state version are in trouble with the state. They’re calling it “misinformation” and the law requires the State Medical Board to investigate those who do it. So much for a doctor’s discretion or his or her patient’s best interests.

Now certain nurses can perform abortions in California

The left is always screaming about unsafe abortions. But on Jan 1, 2023 “qualified” nurses can do it and without doctor supervision.

This law attempts to expand access to abortion by allowing qualified nurses to perform certain abortion procedures in the first trimester of pregnancy without the supervision of a doctor. This new law will take effect alongside a new provision in the California constitution, passed by a referendum in 2022, guaranteeing the right to abortion and contraception. Breitbart


Decriminalization of Jaywalking because of racism. WTH? This law prohibits police for stopping anyone who jaywalks unless they are in danger. Do they think only Black people jaywalk? Who came up with this drivel?

Loitering for prostitution

If you’ve ever noticed a sex worker wandering the streets looking for johns, that’s “loitering for prostitution.” The new law decriminalizes that behavior, although prostitution is still illegal. This bill, as others in this radical lineup, was sponsored by Sen. Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco). His plan is to remove the stigma of “sex workers.”

Trucks and Buses banned:

Any trucks and buses made before 2010 are now banned from California highways. The State will not register any of them either. This could conceivably exacerbate the supply chain issue in California and make it more difficult to function. It is estimated that about 10% of the trucks and buses are that old.

We as an association are seeing members drop because of this rule, they’ve simply decided they’re not going to go out and spend $150,000 dollars on a truck that could lead them to bankruptcy.” Joe Rajkovacz, director of government affairs for the Western States Trucking Association.


Another of the laws that is on hold because it’s tied up in the court system (surprise) is the plan to force fast food businesses under a state mandated program for wages and practices. All you as a reader need to do is type “California” into the search line of Conservative Firing Line and you’ll see more information on Crazy Calif that you imagined.

As of Jan 1, 2023, California has exposed itself as a radical leftwing mess. The state seems to shoot itself…and the nation in the foot on a regular basis. All led by Governor Gavin Newsom. If he runs for president in 2024, please don’t vote for him. We already have scores of craziness in the nation.



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Faye Higbee

Faye Higbee is the columnist manager for Uncle Sam's Misguided Children. She has been writing at Conservative Firing Line since 2013 as well. She is also a published author.

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