Disaster: Poll workers in Nevada wearing Trump gear, not checking IDs, hiding ballots

Credit: Twitter
Credit: Twitter

A number of reports are coming out of Nevada about irregularities at the polls.  Some of the reports say that poll workers are sporting Trump campaign gear, not checking IDs and hiding ballots.

Sounds like it may be enough to question the outcome…

Say what???

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Politico added:

It’s getting ugly in Nevada, as reporters at the state’s Republican caucuses are spotting irregularities, disorganization and open violations of caucus rules.

The state GOP claims there have been “no official reports of voting irregularities or violations,” but anecdotal scenes of chaos seem to contradict that message.

Anecdotal?  These pictures seem to tell a different story.

And this is very disturbing:




Could voter fraud be in play here?

And why does the ballot have names of candidates not even running?

Donald Trump is expected to win, but if he does, these reports would appear to cast a very dark shadow over that victory.  Maybe Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio could threaten to sue…

Exit question: Are Trump supporters okay with this?


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