Dem. Rep. Alan Grayson to lefty Martin Bashir: You’re a Tea Party collaborator for asking me questions

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Grayson4On Friday, Rep. Alan Grayson, D-Fla., perhaps the most unhinged member of the House, actually accused MSNBC host Martin Bashir of being a Tea Party collaborator for daring to question him over his egregious email comparing the Tea Party to the KKK.

Bashir, no friend of the Tea Party, actually agreed with some of Grayson’s false premises, but thought the comparison to the Tea Party was a bit much.  And that didn’t sit too well with Grayson, who said Bashir was a collaborator for giving “someone like me a hard time for speaking out.”

Newsbusters’ Noel Sheppard provided a transcript of the exchange.  The relevant portion can be seen below:

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Bashir: The point I’m simply making to you is that, is it appropriate to use such heinous crimes and to analogize them when describing the Tea Party when you and I know members of the Tea Party have not perpetrated murders or lynchings.

Grayson: And the point I’m making to you, Martin, is that if you don’t speak out against it then in effect you’re collaborating with it. And in fact, if you give somebody like me a hard time for speaking out against it, then maybe you’re collaborating with it.

Video of Grayson’s comments can be seen below:

Remember, this is the Democrat who was called out for his false attack ad against his 2010 GOP opponent.  As a result, Grayson was given a dose of his own medicine:

Grayson also got called out for his craziness on Twitter:

It’s enough to make one believe Grayson really wants violence against the Tea Party.






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