Dem. Martin O’Malley: Let’s use executive orders to enact gun control if Congress won’t act

martin omalleyIt seems that Martin O’Malley, one of the Democrats running for president, isn’t a big fan of the Constitution.  In a tweet issued Friday, he suggested that if Congress doesn’t enact draconian gun control, then the president — whoever he or she might happen to be — use executive orders to bypass Congress and the Second Amendment.

Naturally, his suggestion didn’t go over too well with many.

One person suggested:

That’s sure to go over well…

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Yes, they should.

One person summed up O’Malley’s comment perfectly:

One person compared O’Malley to Hitler:

This is in reference to a primetime address President Obama is set to give later Sunday.

About that speech, Wayne Dupree predicted:

Won’t be surprised if he says; turn in your guns, throw away your bibles, and become a Muslim, then you won’t be killed.

He knows what is written in the Quran. He knows who wrote it, and he knows all Muslims must obey it. Anyone who doesn’t obey what is written in the Quran, is not a Muslim. Americans need to educate themselves and know what they must fight. the Quran teaches, you must submit, or be killed. You must protect yourself, no one else can.

Of course, O’Malley forgot that such a move could have serious consequences, as Sheriff David Clarke once warned.


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