North Korean despot Kim Jong-Un feeds uncle to pack of ravenous dogs

A ravenous dog
A ravenous dog

The North Korean despot known as Kim Jon-Un has reportedly killed his uncle, Jang Song Thaek, by feeding him to a pack of ravenous dogs. It’s said that Jang was stripped naked, along with five of his closest aides and thrown into a cage with 120 dogs.

It’s reported the dogs were starved for three days and then set loose on Jang and his aides. The dogs devoured them almost instantly. The execution by dogs deviates from the usual death by firing squad and is known as “quan jue”, or execution by dogs.

Jang was arrested in December for “perpetrated thrice-cursed acts of treachery in betrayal of such profound trust and warmest paternal love shown by the party and the leader for him,” according to North Korea’s KCNA English-language news agency.

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A Chinese controlled newspaper reports that Kim Jong-Un and 300 senior officials watched the execution which lasted an hour. Supposedly it’s an unconfirmed report but it isn’t implausible that North Korea’s dictator would deal with his enemies in such a brutal fashion. This is the same dictator who six months ago executed his ex-girlfriend by firing squad.

In a New Year’s Eve address Kim Jung-un says his country’s ruling party had become  stronger after purging itself of “factional filth.” Kim also reportedly called for better relations with South Korea. He also warned that another war on the Korean peninsula would unleash a nuclear disaster which would hit the United States.

Wouldn’t Kim Il-Sung, his grandfather, and his father Kim Jong-Il be so proud of their little monster? Autocracy indeed encourages bizarre and brutal behavior by evil and twisted men. Kim Jong-un’s grand daddy, Kim Il Sung, North Korea’s autocratic leader, had 1.6 million of his fellow North Koreans liquidated in purges. Millions wasted away in his concentration camps.

The World Policy Blog says, “what is indisputable is that North Korea has employed each of the five acts characterized as genocidal in the Convention and Statute through (a) executions and state-sanctioned murders, (b) the systematic use of torture, (c) state-induced mass starvation in political prison camps and elsewhere, (d) forcible abortions and infanticide, and (e) the forcible transfer and enslavement of children.”

There are very few boundaries that communist dictators will not cross when it comes to eliminating their enemies, family or not, such psychopathic behavior is just business as usual for these disgusting, vile and putrid dictators.

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