FBI Provides Evidence Hillary Received Bribery Money From Russian Government

On Tuesday, the Daily Caller reported that the FBI allegedly buried evidence tying the Clinton Foundation to a Russian bribery scheme that took place even “as the Obama administration decided whether or not to give Moscow control over U.S. uranium reserves.”

Not only that but the report indicates that the FBI covered up the bribery case from 2010 through 2014.  Guess who was in charge of the FBI from 2010 through 2013.  Robert Mueller, the special prosecutor now investigating Donald Trump.

Perhaps it’s time to call Mueller before the judiciary committees in both houses of Congress.  He needs to explain why he covered up collusion between Hillary Clinton and Russia and also tell lawmakers why Russia would even try to buy Trump when they already owned Hillary and he apparently knew about it.  He should be removed from the investigation immediately.

From The Daily Caller

FBI officials collected evidence of a Russian bribery scheme that started as early as 2009, including “an eyewitness account — backed by documents — indicating Russian nuclear officials had routed millions of dollars to the U.S. designed to benefit former President Bill Clinton’s charitable foundation during the time Secretary of State Hillary Clinton served on a government body that provided a favorable decision to Moscow,” The Hill reported Tuesday.

The Clinton Foundation became a lightning rod for controversy during the 2016 election. Critics, including President Donald Trump, claimed the Clinton Foundation was engaged in influence peddling — trading donations for political favors. the Clintons repeatedly denied these allegations.

On the campaign trail, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton defended her role in approving Rosatom’s, Russia’s state-owned nuclear energy company, acquisition of Canadian mining company Uranium One.

Originally we were told that the Clinton Foundation received $145 million from the original owners of Uranium One.  We are now being told that the Russian government supplied money to be contributed to the Clinton Foundation.  In addition, Bill Clinton personally received a half a million dollars from a Russian bank with close ties to the Kremlin for a 20 minute speech.  That wasn’t for the uranium though.  He got that speech when Hillary opposed sanctions against high up Kremlin officials even though her own party was nearly unanimous for the sanctions.

More From The Daily Caller:

Clinton said there was no reason at the time to oppose the Uranium One deal, and argued the committee she served on had no veto power to stop the deal — they only gave the president a recommendation.

But The Hill found documents showing investigators “had gathered substantial evidence well before the committee’s decision that Vadim Mikerin — the main Russian overseeing Putin’s nuclear expansion inside the United States — was engaged in wrongdoing starting in 2009.”

“The Russians were compromising American contractors in the nuclear industry with kickbacks and extortion threats, all of which raised legitimate national security concerns,” a source who worked on the case told The Hill.

“And none of that evidence got aired before the Obama administration made those decisions,” the source said.

Rosatom began its Uranium One takeover in 2009, and U.S. officials approved the Uranium One take over in October 2010. The takeover gave Russia control over 20 percent of U.S. uranium reserves.

We’re spending untold millions investigating alleged ties between Trump and Russia that doesn’t exist while no one is investigating Hillary where everyone knows there was hanky panky, especially by Robert Mueller.  LOCK HIM UP.


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