‘Death to Trump’ graffiti spray-painted on Denver supporter’s home

Denver death to trump home graffiti
Denver home hit with anti-Trump graffiti — Screengrab: YouTube

Trump Derangement Syndrome continues to march across the land.  On Wednesday, Denver 7 reported that a Denver couple discovered hateful graffiti spray-painted on their home that morning.

According to Denver 7:

“MAKE RACISTS AFRAID AGAIN” and “DEATH TO TRUMP” were among the words painted on the couple’s home.

“I feel incredibly offended,” said Doc Miller.

The vandals also used a BB gun to shoot holes in the window, one of the homeowners told Denver7.

“I was scared especially seeing the bullet holes,” said Judith Phillips.

The couple said they were targeted because of Trump signs they displayed in their yard during the elections.

“I’m in shock that this is our country and this is the kind of stuff happening here because we happen to be Trump supporters,” Philips told Denver 7.

Here’s video of that report:

“If I catch seditious traitors spray-painting anything I own (because I support Trump) I will be shooting first. The left has a huge body-count and the so-called extreme right have honor, respect and wounds from NON-AMERICAN-SCUM!” one person said on YouTube.

A post at Young Conservatives asked: “Where’s the mainstream media?”

Good question.  A Google search found almost no coverage by the MSM.  Wonder why?


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