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Pelosi and Schumer connected PACs are pushing dark money into the 2022 elections at an alarming rate. Could this affect the predicted “red wave” – absolutely. And the anonymous money is being pushed by the loudest critics of dark money – Pelosi and Schumer. Warning to Republicans: Do not be over confident and keep your eyes open for dirty tricks. This election is once again critical to the survival of this nation.

Dark money is defined as “donations and spending by nonprofits that do not disclose the sources of the money, as well as money from LLC corporations operating as shell companies.” In other words, dark money is anonymous cash flowing into political arenas.

House Majority Forward, and House Majority PAC are both connected to Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Senate Majority PAC is connected to Chuck Schumer. Majority Forward is a PAC connected to both. Both Pelosi and Schumer are the loudest accusers of Republicans who accept dark money. Yet they are reaping $millions from dark money.

The election cash has gone to the Senate Majority and House Majority PACs, which are tied to Schumer and Pelosi. The PACs bankroll Senate and House Democrats, many of whom rail against dark money’s political influence.

Majority Forward, a nonprofit that does not identify its donors on tax forms, has poured nearly $15 million into the midterm elections up to the end of March, Federal Election Commission records show.

The Senate Majority PAC took in all of Majority Forward’s cash for the midterms, making the nonprofit its largest donor so far this cycle. J.B Poersch, a long-time Schumer ally, is president of both Majority Forward and the PAC. Both groups share office space and personnel.


The dark money groups claim that they are “leveling the playing field” for Democrats due to Republicans obtaining funds from corporate groups. But their Democrat beneficiaries loudly proclaim their antithesis to dark money while accepting millions from them. Hypocrisy on steroids.

dark money

Warning: note the amount of anonymous cash that was dumped into the 2020 elections:

Majority Forward’s midterm funding follows the $60 million the group had injected into the 2020 elections to help Democrats regain the Senate majority. It has now pushed $75 million into elections over the two cycles – a drastic increase over the $5.5 million it had injected for the 2016 and 2018 elections combined.

The Schumer-affiliated nonprofit has funneled the anonymous cash into his PAC as he regularly criticizes dark money, which he says “corrupted our politics.” Schumer has also pushed conservative judicial groups to disclose their funders, as he and other Democrats have benefited from several dark money judicial groups of their own.


Here’s the problem: Democrats have already shown their animus toward all things Republican. They are on a pathway to preserve their power and they don’t care about anything or anyone standing in their way. So heed the word of warning and keep your eyes open. If you are running for office, do not become over-confident or lazy in your campaigns. Fight the good fight and keep it up. Money does affect campaigns. (Pray harder, while you’re at it.)
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